Are Cockapoos Picky Eaters? Dealing with Fussy Dogs

October 18, 2022

Any put parent will tell you that their Cockapoo will eat just about anything they can get their hands on. Most of the time it really does not matter what is on offer, if it looks like food then you can all but guarantee that your Cockapoo will want a piece of it.

This is a pretty common behaviour among dogs and makes it all the more confusing when you begin to notice that your Cockapoo is not eating its food instantly.

It can be quite confusing and you may begin to wonder if they are not feeling very well. While this can be a possible explanation for this behaviour more often than not your Cockapoo is just being a fussy eater.

In this article, we will cover just how common it is for a Cockapoo to be a very fussy eater and all of the things you can do about it to make your canine companion eat their meals promptly and without protest.

Are Cockapoos Known for Being Fussy Eaters?

Cockapoos do have a bit of a reputation for being selective with food now and again.

It is not a behaviour that will present itself in all dogs and there are a few distinct reasons that can cause a Cockapoo to become pickier with food.

What Causes a Cockapoo to be Picky Eaters?

One thing you may wonder is what can cause your Cockapoo to become fussy eaters.

Too Many Treats

This is one I'm pretty guilty of. Giving my dog food out with their meal times. This could be in the form of dog treats or even just scraps while cooking. However, if it happens on a regular basis this can make your Cockapoo feel like if they hold out they might get something nicer than plain old dog food.

Bored of their Food

While dry food does give your Cocker Spaniel everything it could need from a nutritional standpoint, it is a pretty boring meal to get twice a day.

It is pretty fair to say that your dog can become a little bored of getting the same old kibble twice a day. Just think, even if you were to pick your favourite meal could you eat that two times a day forever?

When paired with your Cockapoo getting a wide range of other treats and foods boring old dry dog food can become fairly unappealing quite quickly.

Too Much Food

If your Cockapoo is eating its food but is always leaving some in the bowl they finish its meal the portion size may be a bit too high. In this case, your dog is eating normally and you just need to reduce the portion size.

On a side note, this can also be a problem if the portion size is too large and you overfeed your Cockapoo which will lead to weight gain and can harm their health.

Your Cockapoos Personality

Just like how all people are different, each dog also has their own personality, likes, and dislikes. It might just be the case that your dog is a bit of a diva and is pretty picky about what they eat.

How to Make a Cockapoo Eat with No Hassle

Now that you have an understanding of the reason Cockapoos can become fussy eaters let's take a look at what you can do about it.

Don't Leave Food Out

Give your Cockapoo a window where they can eat their meal, and if they don't do it in the time you have given them take it away. This might sound a bit harsh but the idea of it always being there can make your dog feel like there is no urgency and they can just eat kibble whenever they feel like it.

Wait around 15 to 20 minutes before taking the dog food bowl away. You can try again a while later but if they don't eat it again in time they just skip a meal. Next meal time you can be sure you'll have no problem getting your Cockapoo to eat.

Not only is leaving your Cockapoos food out all day not helpful for dealing with a fussy eater, but it also can attract rodents or insects to your home. Something that nobody would want. Dog food left out for a long time can also become spoiled food and get a bit stale. Your dog will pick up on this.

Positive Reinforcement

The best way to train your Cockapoo to do anything is with positive reinforcement. Make sure you take time to tell your Cockapoo what a great job they have done when they eat their meal straight away with no drama.

On the other side of this one definitely don't try any negative training methods to make your dog eat. It will only slow the whole process down and potentially even damage your relationship.

Make Mealtime Fun

Another way you can make a Cockapoo who is a fussy eater more interested in eating is by making meal times a bit more fun. Rather than just plainly laying the bowl down try hand-feeding your dog or gamifying meal time a bit.

Vary your Dog's Diet

Plain old boring kibble isn't very exciting at all. Why not vary your dog's food up a bit and bring excitement to mealtime?

There are many ways you can do this. A few ideas include:

  • Trailing a new diet such as raw food.
  • Mixing a little wet food into your dog's kibble.
  • Chopping up some vegetables and putting them into your dog's food.

For the added vegetables and wet food you will want to keep the percentage of your Cockapoos meal quite small and not get into too much of a habit of it, or you will always have to.

It is nice to give your furry friend a little treat now and again though. Remember, dry dog food has all of the nutritional value that your pup needs to stay strong, these are all extras.

If you are interested in a raw food diet we do have a guide on it.

Switch to a New Dog Food

Sometimes a certain dog food just doesn't agree with your Cockapoo and may cause them not to eat it properly. If you are finding your Cockapoo is a fussy eater you can switch the current food for something else.

Just remember that you can't change a dog's food right away from one meal to the next. You need to swap it gradually over the course of a few days slowly raising the percentage of the new food.

If you don't do it this way your Cockapoo is likely to have problems adjusting to the new dog food.

Avoid Spoiling your Cockapoo

On treats and ways to jazz up dog food a little, you want to make sure you are not spoiling your Cockapoo with too many treats or human food outside of their actual meals.

I know those big brown eyes looking up and being all cute is very tempting but you have the resist the temptation and stay strong. Keep feeding your dog to meal times.


So, are Cockapoos selective eaters? Yes, there are situations where your Cockapoo will not be eager to eat their dinner right away.

Most of the situations that lead to a Cockapoo not being so keen to eat are a result of something we as pup parents have done, though there are still situations where it is just completely random that your Cockapoo has decided not to eat.

Hopefully, the reasons covered in this article for a dog being a picky eater and ways to address it has helped you understand how to get your Cockapoo past this.

Best of luck dealing with your fussy Cockapoo!

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