Are English Springer Spaniels Good Apartment Dogs?

August 13, 2022

Adding a dog to your family is a very exciting time. And choosing a breed is one of the most interesting parts of the process.

If you've found your way to this article then you are considering an English Springer Spaniel.

Good choice!

This breed is a brilliant family pet. They have a kind and loving personality, a lot of energy, and loyalty that would be tough to match. But can they live in an apartment?

This is the question this article will answer along with some top tips on how to help your Springer Spaniel live in an apartment.

Are English Springer Spaniels Apartment Friendly?

Yes, it is possible for English Springer Spaniels to live in a smaller space.

They are classed as medium length dogs so there are parts of apartment life which doesn't completely match the needs of a Springer Spaniel. But there are plenty of ways to work around that.

A few of the key traits that work in a Springer Spaniels favour include their adaptable nature, intelligence, and that they are always keen to please their owner.

Is an Apartment Enough for a Springer Spaniels Needs?

The first thing you have to consider when getting a dog when you don't have much space is if the breed is suitable for smaller spaces.

Let's take a look at how English Springer Spaniels measure up in the key areas.


While Springers are classed as a medium-sized dog they don't actually need that much space generally. I know it may not feel like that they try to squeeze between you and your partner on the sofa.

A garden where your dog could run and play would be ideal, of course, some apartments come with this. But you can supplement this with a lot of outdoor activity.


English Springer Spaniels are a highly active breed that needs a lot of exercise to stay in shape and stop your dog from being bored and potentially becoming destructive. They need around two hours a day.

This is where you will need to make sure you are taking your Springer Spaniel out as much as possible for walks to make sure they are getting their physical needs satisfied.

Mental Stimulation

Your Springer Spaniel will also need mental stimulation. It's equally possible to mentally stimulate a dog in a big house or an apartment.

You'll need to take time for this too. We've actually got a resource with over a dozen ways to help stimulate your dog mentally.

What Should I Consider Before Taking a Springer Spaniel to an Apartment?

Your dog's needs are only one aspect you'll have to consider here. You'll also need to think about your neighbours. Usually, people who live in a block of flats have quite a few of those!

Let's run through a few things you'll need to think about. I lived in a block of flats for six years with a Spaniel. Here are a few takeaways from that.

Springers Can be Noisy

Spaniels are a vocal dog breed. You'll definitely hear them before you see them. While they don't bark all day they do then to like to let themselves be heard.

There can be many reasons for barking. A Springer Spaniel could be excited when playing, hear someone in the corridor or outside and get a little territorial, or even just be trying to get your attention. Whatever the reason you can be sure your neighbours won't appreciate it very much!

Make Sure you Have Parks Close By

Before getting a dog that needs a lot of exercise you need to consider how close you are to dog parks, large open grass areas or how your access is to this type of area by car.

If you have nothing close by then it may be challenging to give your dog a nice workout every day. There are other Spaniel breeds that need let exercise such as the English Cocker Spaniel. This Spaniel breed needs half the exercise that Springers do.


The English Springer Spaniel is well known for its shedding. This will require constant effort from your side to make sure that dead hair doesn't end up all over your home. A quick brush every day will go a long way to ensuring your clothes and home remain hair free!

It can be far more noticeable in a small place such as an apartment or condo.

The American Kennel Club gave the Springer Spaniel a 3/5 rating for shedding.

Puppies and Vaccines

If you get an English Springer Spaniel puppy you also have to consider what you will do in that first phase before they've had their vaccines.

Puppies get vaccinated for a few nasty diseases. The first one will be at around 6-8 weeks old so it should be taken care of by the breeder but the second round will be around the 10-12 weeks old mark. Before this time you can't take your dog to the park to play openly.

A back garden is really useful here. Failing that you may just have to carefully take dogs out to do their business and back inside.

You can always supplement this with playtime inside anyway. Also, it's very likely your pup loves children so if you have kids they will be very keen to help you with this!

Is your Apartment Dog Friendly?

If you are planning to rent an apartment you'll need to check in advance if they accept pets, not every property will. Many which are dog friendly do also come with fairly strict criteria of what is and is not allowed.

Check with the landlord or letting agency in advance to find out what is possible. I'll likely they'll be quite reasonable if you just asked. They may only ask for a deposit for keeping your pet in their property.

Of course, this doesn't apply if you own your own home. Then you can just do as you please.

Does your Dog Need to Acclimatise to This Environment

Think about where your dog has been before and the life they were used to if you've moved. If you've always lived in a more rural area but had to move into a city for work keep in mind that your dog is not accustomed to city life.

The noise and bustle of large cities may scare them, or at least make them uncomfortable which can lead to barking or your dog not relaxing in their own home.

If this is your situation try to take it easy and spend more time with your dog to help them get used to it in the beginning. Even leaving a radio on to drown out some of the noise can help.

Tire your English Springer Spaniel Out Before you Leave

If your dog is tired and sleeping when you leave there is far less chance they are barking at the mailman or growling at that weird noise. They will likely just sleep.

This is why you need to take your dog for a long walk or toss their ball around in the park for a while before heading out.

A bonus of this tip is that it can also help with separation anxiety.

Make Sure they are Safe and Secure

Take a look around your apartment and make sure that it is dog friendly and there is nothing your Springer Spaniel can access that could get them in trouble.

This breed is known for its sharp mind and it will find its way into plenty of bother if its possible. Dog-proof your home!

A Dog Needs their Own Space

All dogs need their own space to relax and get a little peace and quiet. Sometimes life can get a bit hectic and they need a break.

The easiest way to do this for a Springer Spaniel in an apartment is to have their bed or crate in a quiet place. We used a corner of our bedroom for it when we lived in a flat.

Any time my dog felt like she wanted some peace and quiet or to go to bed she could just head there herself.


English Springer Spaniels are one of the best dogs you could hope for. The typical Springer is happy, playful, very energetic, and makes all-around great family dogs.

They can work well in an apartment but dog owners will have to ensure that their physical, mental, and emotional needs are taken care of.

There are a few things you should consider before taking the leap from considering an English Springer Spaniel to taking your puppy home. If you follow our advice above you should be well on your way to a happy life with your new furry friend.

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