Are Springer Spaniels Easy to Train?

August 23, 2022

Training your English Springer Spaniel is a fun way to build a bond and also help your dog understand how they are meant to behave.

It will be one of the first things you do with your Springer puppy once they have settled into their new home. From basic house training to learning how to walk well on a lead, there is much your dog needs to learn!

But is training an English Springer Spaniel a simple task?

The short answer is yes, Springer Spaniels are easy to train. They are very smart dogs and are always looking for ways to please their owners. These traits make learning how to behave and picking up new tricks incredibly easy.

In this article, we will talk about how what makes Springer Spaniels easy to train and cover a wide range of common questions owners have on training Springers.

What Makes a Springer Spaniel Easy to Train?

There are a few factors that contribute to English Springer Spaniels being easy to train. This includes their intelligence, and amenable temperament.

A dog psychologist named Stanley Coren researched how smart all dog breeds are ranking them in three areas of intelligence. This includes instinctive, adaptive, and working and obedience intelligence.

The English Springer Spaniels ranked 13th out of all breeds in this study. A pretty impressive achievement that places Springers in the category of 'excellent working dogs' a title that they have certainly proven over the years.

Next, let's talk about the Springer Spaniels temperament. It's affectionate, loving, always keen to please their owner.

These are all traits that will make training a dog far easier.

When Should you Start Training a Springer Spaniel?

English Springer Spaniel puppy training sessions should start as soon as you get your new dog home.

At this point your Springer pup will still be very impressionable, keen to learn, and will soak up everything like a sponge. Starting at an early age is helpful to get your dog house trained and understands basic commands as soon as possible.

This is not to say that dog's can't learn when they are a bit older but it will be more challenging that dealing with a Springer puppy. Many adult dogs learn new skills, especially Springer Spaniels with their keen minds.

You have a few options available when it comes to training your Springer Spaniel. First you can look at puppy classes in your area. This can be helpful for socialisation as well as training.

Doing it yourself is another option many dog owners opt for. There are no shortage of dog training resources, we have quite a few on our site and there is also YouTube to keep you going.

Springer Spaniel Training Tips

Ready to start training your English Springer Spaniel? Here are our top tips on making the most out of your training sessions.

Positive Reinforcement

English Springers don't respond well to harsh treatment. Even though they were originally bred for being hunting dogs they are delicate souls who need a positive and encouraging environment to learn well.

Be too stern and you'll begin to lose progress making the whole process take longer.

Focus more on praising what your dog does right over scalding them for getting it wrong. Even a highly intelligent breed like a Springer Spaniel will miss the mark sometimes.

Have patience and stay positive, they will get it in their own time. Just remember to avoid punishing your dog for getting it wrong.

Take it Slow

Try not to overwhelm your dog with every new trick and command you want them to learn at once. It can be a bit too much, even for such a clever dog as the English Springer Spaniel.

Pick one new command or behaviour at a time and focus on that. You will have success much faster this way and can quickly work your way through until your have a very well trained dog.

Be Consistent

With just about any task we take on in life consistency will likely be one of the key factors that decide if we are successful or not, and the same applies to when training a Springer Spaniel.

Have a plan of when you will spend time training and stick to it. You will see results far quicker with a regular training schedule.

No Mixed Messages

Make sure that everyone who is in your household or will be interacting with your Springer are filled in on how they should treat your dog.

For example, if you are trying to stop your dog from jumping up on people and a friend comes over and praises it your progress will be hurt.

This is just as important as staying consistent with your training sessions.

What Should you Teach a Springer Spaniel Puppy?

If you have a new Springer Spaniel puppy you will want to get basic training sorted out to create a strong foundation to build on.

I'd suggest starting with a few simple commands such as sit and stay, then progressing on to helping your dog walk nicely on a lead, your arm will thank you!

And, of course, you can't forget basic house training.

After this you can get a bit more adventurous and start training your Springer anything you like, since they are so easy to train.


English Springer Spaniel training couldn't be easier given their sharp minds and eagerness to please their owners. They are one of the most intelligent dogs around.

Springers makes brilliant family dogs and quickly understand what is required of them at home. Keep in mind that being smart dogs does also mean you will need to provide plenty of mental stimulation.

And finally remember to plan a training session in advance so you know what you are working on. Both you and your English Springer Spaniel will have a great time and help build your bond at the same time. Also don't forget to add some fun sessions into now and again.

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