Can Cockapoos be Left Alone? + 5 Ways to Help your Dog

October 6, 2022

Cockapoos are some of the most affectionate and loving dogs who thrive around their families and always want to be next to them. Unfortunately, your dog having to have alone time is completely unavoidable for most families.

This is usually one of the main questions would be pet parents ask when considering adding a new canine companion to their family. And while Cockapoo's don't do very well being alone too long, there are ways you can make being left alone easier for your dog.

Realistically you don't want to leave your Cockapoo alone for more than a few hours at a time. Keeping to this schedule can be quite challenging, especially if there is nobody who works close to home who can nip back at lunch.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at everything you need to know about Cockapoos and how they deal with separation anxiety and what you can do to make life easier for your dog.

Do Cockapoos Manage Well Alone?

Cockapoos are very social animals and only manage well alone for short periods.

If left alone for too long, your Cockapoo will likely exhibit separation-related behaviours such as destructive tendencies or even depression. This won't come as a huge surprise the anyone who has a Cockapoo, as they are well known as brilliant, fun-loving family pets.

How Long Can a Cockapoo be Alone For?

At most, a Cockapoo shouldn't be left alone for more than three to four hours. Cockapoos are very social animals, and anything more than this is just too much, even if you have taken steps to make their alone time easier.

Not only does being left alone cause a Cockapoo to develop separation anxiety, they also need other things during the day such as trips to the toilet, exercise, and companionship.

Ways to Reduce the Amount of Time your Cockapoo Spends Alone

So, three to four hours alone is definitely not long enough for you to head out to work for a full day with your Cockapoo at home.

And if this is your situation, you might wonder what your options are. Well, you actually have quite a few ways you can cut down the amount of time your Cockapoo spends alone.

Get a Dog Walker

Having a dog walker take your Cockapoo out for a walk during the day is a great way to tick off a few boxes at the same time. You'll reduce the amount of time your dog spends alone, get your Cockapoo some exercise, and maybe even let them socialise with other dogs.

This service can be a little costly if you have someone do this for you five times a day. But it is a great way to mitigate any separation distress your dog has.

Dog Daycare

There are businesses which are kitted out to take care of your dog during the day. Think of this like a nursery, but for dogs.

Many places like that have a lot of activities to keep your Cockapoo entertained all day. Some even have swimming pools. Cockapoos love to swim, so that would go down a treat!

They will have requirements that your Cockapoo is well trained and can get along well with other dogs. There is usually an assessment your dog will need to go through before it can be accepted. As long as you can meet these requirements and can afford the fees (which can be quite costly), this can be a great option.

Just search in your area for dog daycares and give them a call.

Head Home on your Lunch Break

If you are lucky enough to live close to home, you might be able to nip back and let your dog out and spend your lunch break at home. This can really break up the amount of time your dog spends alone.

One step even better is if you can work from home. You can just place your dog's bed next to your desk and chill together all day.

Have a Neighbour or Freind Look In

If you can't manage to make it home during the day and don't have the funds for a dog walker or sitter, your neighbours or a friend who lives close by might be able to help.

You should probably still give them something for it, but it is sure to be more affordable than a dog walker every day.

Take your Cockapoo to Work

Many workplaces actually allow pup parents to take their dogs to work. If your work allows this, you will want to ensure your dog is very well-behaved. The last thing you want is your Cockapoo misbehaving in the office. How embarrassing that would be!

Get a Second Dog

One way you can ease separation distress is to get your Cockapoo puppy a canine companion to play with during the day. Cockapoos get along well with other dogs so finding a good fit shouldn't be too challenging.

Do keep in mind that one dog left alone is no better than two dogs left alone in terms of the energy they will need to burn off and how much they need to spend time with you.

Ways to Help a Cockapoo Deal with Being Alone

Even if just for a couple of hours, it is still a good idea to take steps to ease your Cockapoo's alone time. And if this is the situation you are in, you will be pleased to learn that there are many options available to you.

Let's run through a few of the best ways to ease separation anxiety while your dog is alone.

Put a Radio or TV On

The voices and sounds that a radio or TV gives off can have a soothing effect on your Cockapoo and help ease separation anxiety. It gives your dog the feeling that they are not alone.

Always try to leave something on when you nip out. Having an old radio you just turn on when you leave can be an easy way to help your dog.

Exercise your Cockapoo Before Leaving for Work

A tired Cockapoo is far more likely to be focused on sleeping than they are on the fact you have left. At the very least, you will have dealt with a lot of that pent-up energy a Cockapoo can have before exercising.

Even if it is just a 30-minute walk around the park or a short while throwing the ball for them to chase, it can make a massive difference to how your dog spends that alone time.

Use Dog Toys that Keep your Dog Distracted

Toys are another great way of keeping your Cockapoo distracted while alone.

There are a wide range of toys you can use to help ease separation anxiety caused by being alone. From dog toys that engage your Cockapoos mind such as puzzles or snuffle mats to toys that you stuff food in such as a kong, there are no shortage of options.


So, can Cockapoos be left alone? Yes, but not all day.

As very social dog, Cockapoos don't do well if left alone for long periods.

This is something that would-be pet owners should think long and hard about before taking one of these companion dogs into their family. Especially if you get one from a litter as these Cockapoo puppies need a lot of time and attention.

That said, being realistic we know that never leaving your dog alone is not realistic for most pet parents, we all have responsibilities such as work. If you combine the ideas above for easing your dogs alone time and Cockapoo separation anxiety while alone you should be all set.

I hope this article has been helpful for you and shown ways you have a happy Cockapoo!

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