Can Springer Spaniels be Left Alone? + 9 Tips to Make it Easier

August 6, 2022

Springer Spaniels are a brilliant addition to any family. Their loving, playful, and energetic personalities are some of the main qualities that make spending time with your Springer one of the best parts of your day.

However, there are times when your dog can't come with you such as on a trip to the shops, going to the gym or when you have to go to work.

The question this leads to is how long can you actually leave your Springer Spaniel alone?

Well, in this article I'll explain everything you need to know and consider when leaving a Springer Spaniel at home alone, from how long you can do it, to what you need to consider, and a few tips to make it go smoothly for your Springer Spaniel.

Can a Springer Spaniel be Left Alone?

Yes, a Springer Spaniel can be left alone for short periods. But not for full days. Being alone for several hours can make your Springer Spaniel develop separation anxiety or even lead to destructive behaviour in your home.

Springers are a highly intelligent breed and can get bored easily. However, if you ensure their physical, mental, and emotional needs are taken care of then a little alone time is just fine.

But how long is too long? Let's take a look.

How Long Can a Springer Spaniel be Alone?

As a rule of thumb, an adult Springer Spaniel can be left alone for up to four hours at most.

The amount of time a Springer Spaniel can be left alone does vary depending on a few factors. These are age, health conditions, and their needs being taken care of.

The four hours that adult Springer Spaniels can be left alone does also extend to seniors. There can be other factors which play a role here such as health issues. Older dogs more commonly have health problems that may need medication or care throughout the day.

If your Springer is a senior dog with a weaker bladder, for example, you will likely have to reduce the four hours quite a bit.

The other age range to consider is Springer Spaniel puppies. A puppy has a very small bladder and will need to pee quite often. At this age, your little Spaniel is also still got a lot to learn. This means you need to make time for training as well as making time to build that bond that will last for many years to come.

When it comes to a Springer puppy I'd recommend leaving it no longer than one hour up to 10 weeks old, two hours up to three months, three hours up to four months old, and from six months you can go for the four hours that older Springer Spaniels get.

Do Springer Spaniels get Separation Anxiety?

Yes, a Springer Spaniel can suffer from separation anxiety.

Springer Spaniels are very affectionate dogs who love to be where their family is. This can be quite funny when a fully grown English Springer Spaniel is trying to climb all over you and squeeze into a little space on the sofa like they did when they were a puppy.

Just like people, Springers can be lonely if left alone for long periods. This is one of the main reasons it's important to keep to the guidelines for being left alone.

Luckily there are ways you can make it easier for your dog to be left alone. We will get into that right now.

Making a Springer Spaniels Alone Time Easier

It is pretty reasonable to accept that 99% of dog owners will have to leave their canine friends home alone for at least some time every day. Thankfully there are many things we Spaniel owners can do to alleviate some of the difficulties our dogs face when we do.


English Springer Spaniels need a lot of exercise. Physically they need around two hours a day to be satisfied and remain healthy. This is thanks to their history as working dogs and chasing game.

If you take your Springer for a walk before you head out or throw the ball in the park for a while they are far more likely to just relax when they get home. They may even sleep through a lot of the time they are alone.

Leave Distractions at Home

Your Springer Spaniel will also need mental stimulation. This is just as important as the physical side but often overlooked by pet parents.

There are many ways you can give your Springer Spaniel more mental stimulation such as leaving chew toys such as Kong's with a tasty treat inside, dog puzzles, or even just playing with your dog for a while before heading out.

Leave the Radio or TV on when you Leave

Having the radio or TV on when you leave can have a soothing effect on your Springer Spaniel. Hearing voices can be quite relaxing for your dog and take a bit of the edge of being alone away.

Also, this noise could cover up any unusual sounds your dog will hear helping them stay relaxed. Although, the postie will still be getting barked at!

Sometimes I even catch my dog watching TV with us, so there is that angle too. Maybe a little entertainment

Build up Slowly

Just because you can leave your Springer home for four hours doesn't mean you should jump straight to it. Especially if you have not left your dog alone for long periods before now.

Build up to that time slowly and you will find that there is less of a shock to your Spaniel.

This can be more challenging to artificially create alone time but maybe just take a trip to the shops or catch a film so start getting your dog used to the feeling of being alone.

Don't Make a Big Deal when you Come Home or Leave

Try to play down leaving your Springer Spaniel alone and coming home. You don't want to turn these into big events but rather have your dog relaxed and view it as normal life.

Of course, your dog will be happy to see you. But you shouldn't be hyping them up before and after you leave.

Hire a Dog Sitter to Look in on your Springer Spaniel

No matter the dog breed a dog can't be left alone for an entire day. Especially one which is as much of an active breed as the Springer Spaniel.

This is where a dog sitter or dog walker can come in to support. If you are away for 8 hours you can get a dog walker to pop their head past to give your Springer a little attention and even take them to the park and throw their ball for a bit.

Having someone do this will be a cost but is an important consideration for those who are working all day and have a Springer Spaniel at home. If you don't have money for this you could ask a family member or friend, or come home or your lunch break if that is possible.

It's just not fair to expect your dog to entertain themselves and hold their bladder for the entire day.

Dog Proof your Home

If you are leaving your Springer home alone you'll want to ensure they can't get into to much mischief, or anything dangerous.

Take a minute to walk around your home and look at it from your dogs perspective. Deal with anything that could pose a danger, or they could damage if they have a habit of acting up when alone.

You might also want to keep an eye on your dog remotely when you are not home. There are a lot of really cool options for this such as pet cameras or even remote treat dispensers. Some of these even allow you to speak with your Springer remotely. It can be quite funny to watch your dogs confusion the first time you try this out.

Give your Springer a Safe Zone

It's also important to give your dog their own space to call home. This could be their bed or a dog crate for example. Keep it in a nice quiet space where your Springer can retreat to when they want a break from busy life. This becomes even more important in a household with children.

Make Sure your Springer Spaniel has Water

You also need to make sure your Springer is fed and has fresh water available.

Dogs need access to water all day. It is very important they they remain hydrated. Just top up their water bowl before you leave.

Can a Springer Spaniel be Left Alone at Night?

As Springer Spaniels do sleep a lot during the night its no problem to leave them alone. Since their humans will also be sleeping during they night they will soon get accustomed to being alone during the night.

The only difference here is when you just get your puppy as they will still be getting used to being away from their siblings and mother. This will pass in time.


So, can Springer Spaniels be left alone?

Yes. A Springer Spaniel can be alone, but not for longer than four hours for an adult dog and far less if you have a puppy or senior dog with a weak bladder or health issues.

If you do have the option of working from home or taking your dog to work this can be a great way to ensure your Springer is not having to be left alone for a long period.

While Springer Spaniels are great companions it is likely best you tire your dog out before taking them to work.

There are many ways you can make it easier for Spaniels to be left alone and if you follow our tops above I'm sure you will be able to help your dog have an easier time being alone.

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