How to Pick a Shampoo for Cocker Spaniels

September 19, 2022

While your Cocker Spaniel might not agree, the occasional bath is quite important. Dogs get in all sorts of messes it could be a trip to the park and getting covered in mud, sand from the beach, or possiblyCho it's just been a while between washes.

No matter how your Cocker got a bit dirty or smelly, a quick wash will be the solution to getting a clean dog again.

But what kind of shampoo should you use?

When choosing a shampoo for Cocker Spaniels, there are a few boxes you will need to tick. It needs to be specially formulated for dogs but also tailored to any conditions or needs your dog may have.

In this article, we will be looking at how you will know the best shampoo for a Cocker Spaniel and all of the different types you should consider. And I'll even throw in a few tips to keep in mind when washing your Cocker.

Ready to find the best shampoo for a Cocker Spaniel? Let's get started!

How to Choose a Dog Shampoo for a Cocker Spaniel

There are quite a few different types of dog shampoo to choose from. Which is best for your Cocker Spaniel will depend on many factors, but how do you decide which is best?

First, consider if there are any conditions your dog has you would need to take care of. It could be allergies, sensitive skin, fleas and ticks, for a few examples.

Providing your dog doesn't have any problems that need to take care of you can look at some shampoos. My favourite is the de-shedding shampoo given that Cocker Spaniels are known for their shedding!

7 Different Types of Dog Shampoo

Now you know what to look for in dog shampoo, let's take a look at the options.

Puppy Shampoo

A Cocker Spaniel puppy needs a shampoo that's made for younger dogs. Adult dog shampoo is not gentle enough for you dogs.

You can get specific dog shampoos to take care of more specific needs but if you are looking for a solid shampoo for Cocker pups we've used this Animalogy puppy shampoo in the past. Very affordable and leaves great smelling and silky hair!

Hypoallergenic Shampoo

A hypoallergenic shampoo is designed for dogs who are prone to skin allergies. It's far gentler to a dog's skin and sometimes comes with a soap-free formula. Aloe vera is often seen in the ingredients.

Common signs you might need this type of dog shampoo include:

  • Excessive scratching
  • Dry skin
  • Bumps on skin

If you see signs like this, give a hypoallergenic shampoo a try or speak with your vet. It will be far kinder to a Cocker Spaniel who has delicate skin than a standard shampoo.

Take a look at Pro Pooch's Oatmeal Dog Shampoo if you have a Cocker Spaniel with sensitive skin.

De-shedding Shampoo

This has to be one of the best shampoos for Cocker Spaniels, as they are known as shedders!

Anyone who has a Cocker will tell you that if you don't stay on top of your dog's shedding, it will end up everywhere. On your clothes, carpets, and sofa. You name it, your dog's hair will find its way there!

This is where this type of shampoo shines. It removes loose hair in the bath while you wash your dog. Nature's Specialties EZ Out Deshedding Shampoo is a great option if you want to deal with excess hair and your bath at the same time.

Sensitive Skin Shampoo

Some dogs have sensitive skin, which can become irritated and even lead to infections if they scratch a lot, looking for relief which only makes it worse.

A dog shampoo designed for sensitive skin can help alleviate any irritation or itchiness your Cocker Spaniel is enduring while being more gentle.

If you are looking for a more sensitive shampoo, take a look at this Oatmeal Shampoo from Pro Pooch.

Of course, if your Cocker Spaniel does have sensitive skin that they have been scratching and you believe it may be infected, speak with your vet.

Flea and Tick Shampoo

Fleas and ticks can be a real nuisance for dogs. Not only are they itchy, but can cause health problems. Luckily, there is a shampoo that can help deal with this problem by soothing irritated skin and reducing the itchiness or bites.

If you think your pet has a flea and tick problem, this Bugalugs shampoo is a great option.

Waterless Shampoo

Sometimes your dog needs a wash and you are travelling or just want a quick fix when your in a bind. Waterless dog shampoo is the answer. This type of shampoo is just massaged into your Cocker Spaniels coat and it will remove all dirt and grease.

Pro Pooch have a high-quality dry shampoo that will be ideal for cleaning your Cocker if you are caught off guard. Not a bad thing to have at hand when you are out and about.

Medicated Shampoo

There is also a possibility that your Cocker Spaniel could need a medicated shampoo, what this is or does will depend on your dog's needs.

Your vet will be the one to prescribe this if you turn out to need one.

5 Cocker Bath Tips

Now that you are all set with the right shampoo, here are a few tips to consider when washing your Cocker Spaniel. These points will help you avoid problems and keep your Cocker happy and healthy.

Don't Wash your Dog too Often

Dogs have natural oils in their coats that we can strip away if we wash them too often. This, in turn, can lead to irritated skin that your dog will scratch constantly. Over time this will lead to abrasions and skin infections.

When you have your dog groomed, they will be washed beforehand. I try to wash my Cocker Spaniel at the midpoint between appointments to space out baths. Usually, it works out once every five to six weeks.

Of course, sometimes your dog will get messy, and you'll need to give them a wash. That is okay too. Just don't do it weekly.

You Don't Always have to Fully Wash your Dog

Leading on from the previous point, if your dog is a bit messy from the park, cleaning their paws and belly might suffice, or even a bath with just water to get the muck out.

Dry Those Ears!

Cocker Spaniels get ear infections a lot. And one reason for it is their ears not being properly dried after a bath.

Those floppy hanging ears create a warm and humid environment that is ideal for bacteria. Make sure to dry inside after a bath.

Be Careful when Washing their Face and Ears

Nobody likes shampoo in their eyes, and this extends to your Cocker. Try to be careful when washing their face. A small handcloth can help here.

Remember to shield their face when washing the rest of their heads.

Check for Problems

Bath time is a great opportunity to check for any problems with your dog. Feel all over their bodies, paws, and anything else for a sign of any issues that need to be addressed.

Always better to catch it early!

Keep your Cocker Spaniel Smelling Fresh

Using a nice smelling shampoo isn't the only way to keep your Cocker Spaniel smelling fresh. There are also perfume sprays that you can use on your dog after a bath to give a lovely refreshing smell.

Ever wonder why your dog smells so good after a trip to the groomer? This is why. If you want to do this to your own dog, take a look at Bugalugs dog perfume spray.


And there you have it. You are now an expert on dog shampoo!

There is a far greater choice of dog shampoos than you may have previously thought with options for a wide range of conditions and situations for your dog.

Even a de-shedding shampoo will be ideal for keeping that loose hair away from the rest of your home. That is my go-to shampoo as a Cocker Spaniel owner.

Make sure you are using a shampoo designed for a dog and resist the urge to use one made for humans. It likely has harmful chemicals that will only injure your dog.

Hopefully, this guide to choosing a shampoo for Cocker Spaniels has helped you understand your options and choose one that is best for your furry friend.

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