Cocker Spaniels Sleep: A Complete Guide

July 30, 2022

We've all heard the saying 'let sleeping dogs lie' but how long do they actually sleep?

A dog's sleeping pattern is very different to a human's. Unlike people, a dog doesn't only sleep at night. They grab some shut-eye at any opportunity and are always ready to up in an instant at the smell of food, an opportunity to play, or when strange noises occur.

If your having a lazy day at home it can feel like your dog is spending the whole day relaxing. My Cocker Spaniel will often just relax all afternoon after a long walk, especially if it's sunny and she can find a warm spot to lie with no shade.

This does make you begin to wonder though, how long do Cockers actually sleep?

In this article, we will uncover everything you need to know about Cocker Spaniel sleeping habits including how much sleep they actually need, factors that can influence it, advice to help your Cocker settle down and much more.

Let's get started!

How Many Hours Does a Cocker Spaniel Sleep a Day?

An adult Cocker Spaniel will get sleep around 12-14 hours a day. I know this may sound like quite a large portion of the day, and it is. But this is completely normal for dogs.

Cockers spread their sleep sleeping throughout the day. How this is broken down will vary day to day depending on what is on. Your dog may be active for several hours then chill more in the evening, or just catch short naps throughout the day.

Can Anything Impact This?

While that is a good guideline there are factors which can influence how long your Cocker Spaniel kips.

Let's run through what can influence it.


Your dog's age will play a role in the amount of sleep they need. Puppies sleep the most, which shouldn't be a big surprise as they are having growth spurts and being a hyper puppy is exhausting work in general.

This means a young pup can need up to 18 hours a day of sleep!

The story is pretty much the same for senior Cocker Spaniels. Their sleeping habits are quite similar to that of a puppy.

Activity Level

How active your dog is can also play a role in how much your dog sleeps.

Dogs who are very active tend to nod off easily for a well-deserved rest. Conversely, a dog who is pent up with energy with no outlet is far less likely to relax and fall asleep.


A health problem could affect the amount of sleep your Cocker Spaniel gets. If uncomfortable and in pain, they may not be able to effectively dose off, or if something is really wrong they may sleep to much.

If you suspect there could be anything wrong with your dog's health contact your vet immediately. Many conditions can be treated or managed if caught early.

Why Do Dogs Sleep so Much?

The reason a dog sleeps so much comes down to genetics.

In the wild, it would be important for dogs to only use energy when needed. This could be for hunting, socialising, or playing.

Aside from this, there are other factors which can play a role as previously outlined.

Where Should a Dog Sleep?

I can only speak for my Cocker Spaniel here but she sleeps in the most random positions. Sprawled out on the floor, contorted or twisted in some weird shape, in a cuddle on the sofa, hanging off the sofa, or even in their own bed or crate. Lucy sleeps everywhere.

Sometimes I look over and think no way that is comfortable, but there she is, snoozing.

This raises the question, does it matter where a dog sleeps?

Not really. As long as they have a safe and comfortable place to sleep where they won't be disturbed there is no problem. This is easily achieved by placing their dog bed or crate in a quiet area where they can go to have some 'me time'.

If your dog instead chooses to sleep close to you in the living room while you watch tv that's okay too. Cocker Spaniels are a very affectionate breed and love companionship.

How Fast Can a Cocker Spaniel Fall Asleep?

Dogs fall asleep in a little as 10 minutes. Sometimes it can look like they have just dosed off instantly but it will take your Cocker a few minutes before they are actually sleeping.

There are a few factors that can influence this such as if your dog has just been for a long walk on a summer's day it is likely they will want to have a big drink and find a nice place to nap.

Why Won't My Cocker Spaniel Settle?

Struggling to get your Cocker Spaniel to settle down?

While this breed is known for being quite hyper there are ways you can help your Cocker chill out.

How to Make my Dog Settle Down / Sleep

The first way is to reduce the amount of stimulus for at least an hour before you plan to go to bed. This means no throwing toys or getting your dog excited. By showing your Cocker that it's time to relax there is more chance they'll be more relaxed.

This method will be more applicable in the evening when you want to go to bed and don't want your dog running around the house trying to play when you want to sleep.

Another way you can make your dog relax more is with exercise.

Dogs tend to be more have more rest after a long walk or spending some time throwing a ball in the park. If you have people coming over and to increase the odds your Cocker Spaniel with rest an hour in the park before could be a great solution.

Should my Dog have a Sleep Schedule?

Just like your dog will have a feeding routine with regular mealtimes it's important to establish sleep patterns. This is particularly important first thing in the morning and at night.

Nobody wants to be woken up by their dog at 5 am on a Saturday.

The solution to helping your dog have a sleep schedule. I'd suggest that the morning and night will be most important and you can just let your dog rest as they like throughout the day.

Unless there is something planned like a dog walk, adventure, or maybe even a visit to a dog-friendly cafe.

I can guarantee your Spaniel will stay awake for that. Too much food on the go for a dog to not be alert!

Can I Improve my Cocker Spaniels Sleep?

There are ways you can improve the quality of your dog's sleep. A lot of this is mostly common sense for veteran dog owners but we will run through it anyway as it's really helpful for new pup parents to know.

First, you want to ensure your dogs bed is in a safe and quiet place. This gives your dog a way to escape the noise and cadence of a busy household, especially if you have children. It would be worth having a rule that if your dog goes to their bed they are to be left alone.

You should also invest in a good-quality dog bed. Having a comfortable bed for your furry friend will help your Spaniel have a comfortable, relaxing sleep.

The last point I guess I'm a bit of a broken record on in this article but I'll say it again as its important. And that's exercising your Cocker Spaniel. This is not only important for keeping your Spaniel healthy but also ensures they are more likely to relax or maybe takes naps during the day.

There are many ways to get this in. Spaniels love playing so be creative. Hide toys in the house, make them chase you in the park, or just throw a ball for a while. A tired dog will get plenty of sleep. And if you have a busy schedule a dog walker is always a good way to supplement.


And that is everything you need to know about your Cocker Spaniels sleeping habits.

While dogs do sleep far more than humans this is no cause for alarm and it's perfectly normal. You will find that adult Cocker Spaniels sleep less than puppies or senior dogs. This is just part of their life's natural life cycle.

It's important to let your Spaniel sleep when they do go for a nap. Especially Cocker Spaniel puppies as they need the rest for all that growing they are doing!

It can feel like your dog will drift off at a moment's notice and go from playing one second to snoring the next in a deep sleep. Sometimes in the funniest positions!

Just remember that your dog will enjoy sleeping throughout the day and it's an important part of their life. There has even been research that shows dogs who don't get enough sleep can be in worse moods, much like people.

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