Do Cockapoos like to Swim?

October 6, 2022

It is always fun to find new and exciting ways to give your dog a good workout, and swimming is a great option for Cockapoos.

Cockapoos are natural swimmers and will take any opportunity to jump in the water. This isn't really that much of a surprise really when you consider that they are a mix between a Cocker Spaniel, which was a hunting dog, and a Poodle which is a water dog.

The perfect genetic mix for a great water dog!

While they are more than capable swimmers, it might take a minute before they are comfortable and happy in the water. You might need a little patience with your dog to coax them along to being comfortable in the water.

In this article, we will be covering everything you need to know to make build your Cockapoo's confidence in the water. Ready to find a new and interesting way to exercise your dog? Read on!

Can Cockapoos Swim Naturally?

Yes, Cockapoos are natural swimmers. Being part Cocker Spaniel and part Poodle, you could say that Cockapoos are one of the best crossbreed swimmers out there!

It is worth noting that while your Cockapoo is well suited to swimming, they could be a little apprehensive in the beginning and take a little time to become accustomed to the water.

There are a few considerations your will need to take at this stage which we will get into next.

How to Introduce a Cockapoo to Water

How you introduce your Cockapoo to water is very important and will greatly influence their relationship with water for the rest of their lives. You want this first experience to be fun and positive.

Start by picking a location that will be free from distractions and is fairly shallow water. You'll have plenty of time for trips to a lake or the beach later!

Encourage your dog to get into the water and play. Throwing toys in or sitting at the edge with your Cockapoo can help show that is fun to be there. You will notice your dog gradually gains confidence and becomes an experienced swimmer and ventures out deeper on its own.

Do not pressure your dog. You will only hinder progress. Allow your Cockapoo to progress at its own pace. If this takes a few sessions that is okay and not unheard of. Cockapoos are sensitive dogs and respond best to positive reinforcement.

If you want to make it even easier you can always buy a dog life vest for your Cockapoo. A water jacket is a great way to help build your dog's confidence even quicker.

What is the Best Age to Introduce a Cockapoo to Water?

Cockapoos are best introduced to swimming as puppies. At a young age, dogs are far more curious and open to new experiences making it the perfect time to introduce your Cockapoo to the water.

Cockapoo puppies are very curious and will not have developed any of the bad habits or nervousness that an adult dog might have. This way, your puppy will see swimming as part of normal life, not something scary and new.

That said, an adult Cockapoo will happily take to water, even if they have not experienced it in the past. It might just take a bit more patience from your side.

How Long Should a Cockapoo Swim For?

As swimming does count as exercise for your Cockapoo, you can't just let your dog swim around a lake all day, even if they would want to.

It is best to keep swimming for 30-minute sessions at a time. After this point, try to coax your Cockapoo back to you for a break. Taking some tasty treats with you will make this far easier.

Letting your dog exercise for too long can have a negative impact on its health and cause injury.

We have a detailed resource on Cockapoo exercise requirements if you want to learn more.

Tips for Safe Swimming with your Cockapoo

Now that you know how to introduce your Cockapoo to water I've got a few tips for keeping both you and your dog safe when swimming.

Firstly, make sure your dog is well-trained before you start swimming and listens when you call. I can't stress how important this is. Anything can happen in the water can your dog needs to be listening to you in an emergency.

Also, resist the temptation to join your Cockapoo in the water until they are fully trained. Accidents can happen this way quite easily and you don't want to be trying to save yourself and your dog simultaneously.

Finally the first few times try to keep sessions short. You don't want to overdo it too much. The key for the first few experiences is to make sure that your Cockapoo has fun and walks away positive and happy.

What Makes Cockapoos Great Swimmers?

There is no shortage of traits that make Cockapoos brilliant swimmers. Firstly, both dog breeds Cockapoos come from are known for their strong swimming abilities.

Both Poodles and Cocker Spaniels enjoy swimming. It is not a surprise that a cross between these dog breeds creates a breed that does well in water. Their parent breeds were so good in the water they were even used to retrieve small animals for hunters!

Cockapoos even have some physical traits that got passed down which helps propel them through the water. An example of this is their webbed feet and a water-resistant coat.


So, do Cockapoos like water? Yes, Cockapoos love playing in the water and are keen on any water activities.

They are natural-born swimmers that thrive in water. It may take a minute for your dog to become comfortable but once they are good luck getting your dog out!

Remember to introduce your Cockapoo to water early. And don't forget to take it at your dog's pace, rushing the process can only serve to give your dog a negative association with water that will likely stay with them for life.

Even though Cockapoos love swimming safety precautions should always be a focus.

Taking your Cockapoo for a swim is a great way to offer extra exercise and add a little interest and variety to your dog's exercise. I hope this has been helpful and informative and good luck taking your Cockapoo for a swim.

Most Cockapoos will take to the water instinctively and look for any opportunity to get wet. Puddles, lakes, rivers, or the beach! No matter the size of the body of water, your Cockapoo will love to jump in.

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