Do Cockapoos Smell? + How to Keep your Dog Smelling Fresh

October 17, 2022

All dog owners will be very familiar with smelly dogs. To some level, it is completely unavoidable.

Dogs get into all sorts of messes, whether than be getting muddy in the park, not having a bath for a while, or that notorious wet dog smell from being caught in the rain. It is fair to say that the average dog breed can smell bad from time to time.

But how well do Cockapoos fair when it comes to smell? What can cause your furry friend to smell bad? And what can you do about it?

If these are questions you are searching for the answer to read on, as in this article, we will be answering every question you could have about Cockapoos smelling bad and the reasons which can cause it.

Do Cockapoos Smell Bad?

While all dogs can smell bad, Cockapoos are actually known for being one of the dogs that are least likely to smell bad.

Their generally odourless status is actually thanks to their Poodle heritage, though there is no guarantee that your dog will inherit this trait. Even if your dog does have this trait, that doesn't mean they have no chance of smelling bad. Just like any dog, there are many reasons your dog can smell.

What Can Cause a Cockapoo to Smell Bad?

So, genetics aside for a moment, what can cause your Cockapoo to smell bad? Quite a few things can cause your dog to smell.

Anal Glands

Does your Cockapoo smell fishy? Well, your dog might have just expressed their anal glands. These are small and are close to your dog's anus, which needs to be emptied on a monthly basis.

If you do not empty your Cockapoo's anal glands, they'll either do it themselves, which results in that fishy smell appearing over your home, or they could become infected or blocked, which will end up with an unplanned trip to the vet.

Health Problems

Sometimes the cause of your dog smelling bad can be a health problem. A few examples of conditions that can make a Cockapoo smell include:

  • Ear infections
  • Gassy phases
  • UTI
  • Skin problems

By having your Cockapoo regularly checked by your vet, you can get ahead of any potential problem before it becomes serious.

Bad Breath

Few things smell quite as bad as a dog's breath when you've not brushed their teeth. That smell carries quite a bit!

Trips Outside

One of the most common ways for a Cockapoo to become smelly is when you take a trip outside. There are many situations your dog can be in that will lead to your dog becoming a bit smelly.

A few examples include:

  • Wet dog smell if it's raining
  • Muddy dog parks
  • Forest trails
  • The beach

This is not an exhaustive list, there will certainly be more to add. However, these examples should give you an idea of places to consider when looking for a place to walk that don't have a high chance of making your Cockapoo smell.

How to Make your Cockapoo Smell Less

That's quite a long list of reasons a Cockapoo may smell bad. It's not all bad news, though. There are many ways you can reduce any doggy odour around your home.

Wash your Dog's Bedding

Sometimes the source of a bad smell could be a dog's bedding. They spend a lot of time in their beds, which leads to smell. It can be quite easy to overlook this when trying to find the source of the smell. Remember to give it a wash every once a month to keep your dog's bedding smelling fresh.

Wash your Dog's Toys

Just like your Cockapoos bedding, your dog's toys can also become smelly over time. If you cycle your dog's toys around, you can wash them in sets and give them a set of new toys every time you wash one part. Something to be excited about!

Bath Time

Between adventures outside and just generally getting a little dirty, your Cockapoo will need a bath now and again. But not too often, as it will lead to dry skin and you washing essential oils out of your dog's coat. Around every eight to 10 weeks is about right.

When bathing your Cockapoo, use a shampoo designed for dogs. Those made for humans are harmful to your canine companion.

Regular Grooming

Debris, such as food or rubbish from outside, can get caught in your dog's coat, which can make your dog smell bad over time. This is easily remedied by brushing your Cockapoo on a regular basis, around every few days.

One of the biggest offenders here is Cockapoos ears which can fall into your dog's food bowl and get caught.

Feed your Dog a Good Diet

Low-quality dog food can make a dog smell bad. The best way to avoid this is the ensure that your Cockapoo is being fed a very healthy and nutritious diet that offers everything they need.

There are many ways you can do this, but the easiest is to find a dry dog food that has 'complete and balanced' on the packaging. Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is the raw food diet which focuses on fresh ingredients and raw meats.

Brush your Dog's Teeth

You need to brush your dog's teeth every day to avoid dental problems as well as keep your Cockapoos breath smelling fresh.

Get dog toothpaste and a toothbrush to brush your dog's teeth. If your dog is anything like mine, she will try to lick the toothpaste off the brush as if it's a treat. This stops after a while, though.

There are also sprays you can get to help keep your dog's mouth smelling fresh between brushes and treats, such as dental sticks that can help dislodge food from between their teeth, though these can add quite a few calories to your Cockapoos daily intake.


So, do Cockapoo smells?

Yes, it is very likely that your Cockapoo smells bad from time to time. It is only natural really. Though Cockapoos are well known for being one of the least smelly dog breeds around.

There are many reasons why your dog is likely to smell bad, but also several ways to help reduce any foul smell that is originating from your furry friend.

Hopefully, this article has been both informative and interesting to read, and if you have a dog, you feel equipped to deal with a smelly Cockapoo if the need ever arises.

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