Do Springer Spaniels Bark a Lot? Managing Excessive Barking

August 21, 2022

Any Springer Spaniel owner will tell you that this breed doesn't bark that much.

There are situations where they love to communicate with their owners, at times it can even feel like they do it just to hear the sound of their own voice!

Random bouts of barking can cause a few issues in day-to-day life though in many situations, especially if it's a regular occurrence and your neighbours are getting a little tired of it or if you have a small child at home that needs to sleep.

The good news is that there will almost always be a reason that prompts your Springer Spaniel's barking, and that is where the key to managing it comes in. It's all about prevention.

In this article, we will be talking about how much Springer Spaniels bark and offering an actionable guide to what you can do to identify the cause and reduce how much it happens.

If you do have a particularly vocal Spaniel this should be a pretty helpful resource.

Sound interesting? Read on.

Do Springer Spaniels Bark a Lot?

Yes and no, while Springer Spaniels are not known for being notorious barkers there are situations that will prompt a response.

For example, if there were any strange noises around your home your Springer would be all over it and be quite protective.

They are well known for their lively and perceptive nature, which also makes them pretty great watchdogs. Look out, burglars!

While a Springer is most likely to lick anyone who breaks in and look for a cuddle that sound will be a really good deterrent in general.

What Can Cause a Springer Spaniel to Bark?

As touched on above while Springer Spaniels are not known for being a breed that barks a lot there are a few reasons that could cause barking.

The main reasons include separation anxiety, becoming overly excited, being bored, or anything that scares or makes your dog become more alert.

Let's look at each of these in turn.

Separation Anxiety

One reason for a barking Springer Spaniel could be separation anxiety.

This is something that affects Springers quite a bit as they are very social animals and love to spend time with their family.

A study by RSPCA found that 8/10 dogs had trouble with being left alone making this quite a common problem. There are many ways you can help a dog deal with this uneasiness. The vast majority of people will have to leave their dogs at home for some time.

The most common reason is going to work, but for some dogs who are greatly affected by it even you going to the shops could trigger it. If you suspect this could be a problem we have a whole article dedicated to addressing Springer Spaniels being left alone.

It could also be the case that your Spaniel barks more during the night out of loneliness if they are sleeping in a separate room.


Few dog breeds can rival the Springer Spaniel for energy and general enthusiasm for going on an adventure or even just playing.

If you are playing with your dog at home and they are becoming too excited they may begin to bark. This could be to get that toy you've stolen from them or while you are chasing them around the house.

Children can sometimes be hyping a dog up a bit. Best to make sure everyone knows how to interact well with the dog.

It is easy to spot when a dog is beginning to get a bit too hyped up and needs to calm down a bit. The best thing to do here is just trying to slow it down for a minute and let things cool off a bit.

Lack of Exercise

Another reason for Springer Spaniels barking is a lack of exercise. Your dog will have a lot of pent-up energy that they've not had a chance to release. Springer Spaniels are very spirited dogs and need around two hours of activity a day to stay satisfied physically.

If you are having barking problems and have not been taking your dog out enough this could be the reason.


If your Springer Spaniel is not physically and mentally engaged it can lead to barking or worse destructive behaviour.

Dogs don't only need to exercise physically but also mentally. A dog who isn't engaged mentally will become bored and act out or seek attention which could come in the form of barking.

This is especially true with Springer Spaniels as they are a very intelligent breed. That keen mind needs stimulation! There are many ways you can offer this, we've written about over a dozen ways to stimulate a dog's mind.

Plenty of ideas there if you are unsure what to try.

Scared or Alarmed

Lastly, we have barking out of fear. This is a reaction to a stimulus such as a strange noise or something they are unsure of.

There are quite a few things that could cause this. It could be an unusual noise at home, a knock on the door with the postman, an uncommon situation that they are not comfortable in, or perhaps your Springer Spaniel isn't a fan of strangers or other dogs.

Each dog will be pretty individual in what sets them off barking.

The key here will be desensitising your dog to stimulus and showing your Springer Spaniel that there is nothing to be scared of.

Tips to Stop a Springer Spaniel From Barking Excessively

Knowing what could cause Springer Spaniel barking is only part of the puzzle. Now we need to talk about what you can do about it.

You'll be pleased to learn that there is actually quite a lot you can do to remedy any excessive barking.

Start Training Young

If you have an English Springer Spaniel puppy at home and are experiencing excessive barking it is likely down to training or the fact that everything is new and exciting.

They might be a little nervous when they first come home but that will soon subside and you'll wonder where that quiet pup went!

You'll want to set the tone for what acceptable behaviour looks like from the start. Puppies have no bad habits to unlearn and are like a sponge picking up everything really quickly.

Positive Reinforcement

If your English Springer Spaniel has a barking problem training in some form will be the answer. However, it is critical that you remember that Spaniels don't respond well to harsh treatment.

Positive reinforcement is the only path forward with this breed. Take too stern an approach and you will only undo progress and lengthen the whole process.

Deal with the Source

The smartest way to approach excessive barking in an English Springer Spaniel is to first identify the source and deal with that.

This is not to say that just trying some of the methods outlined above wouldn't be successful but it will be far more effective to understand the reason your dog is barking and deal with that directly.

It may take slightly longer at the start if you are taking a minute to try to observe what is causing the barking but it will make the whole process a lot smoother and faster.


Springer Spaniel barking is not that common, generally speaking. But when it does happen there is usually a reason for it.

If your dog barks on a regular basis try to think about the situation, and what preceded it and set them off. By finding out what the cause of the barking was you'll be able to easily identify the root cause of it and be well on your way to a quieter life.

Think about the different reasons for an English Springer Spaniel barking as laid out above and apply the methods laid out for dealing with it. Springers are smart dogs, they'll quickly learn what behaviour is acceptable and what isn't.

English Springer Spaniels rarely bark for no reason. Take a moment to understand what is causing your canine companion to act out. It will make everything easier for both of you.

If you have enough patience it is possible to teach a Springer just about anything, including how not to react to stimulus! And if your dog is a bit of a barker I'm sure your neighbours will appreciate a bit less noise too.

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