Do Springer Spaniels need Haircuts?

August 10, 2022

Everyone likes to see their dogs looking good with their coat looking good. Over time your Springer Spaniel's coat will begin to grow and start looking a bit messy. This is a signal that it could be time to book your Springer in for a haircut.

This article will be explaining everything you need to know about taking care of your Springer Spaniels coat and along with how often they need a haircut and what you should do between cuts to keep your Springer looking good.

Let's get started!

Do Springer Spaniels Need Haircuts?

Yes, just like people a Springer Spaniel will need to have a haircut every now and then.

This keeps their coats looking great and takes care of any excess hair and dead fur. If your dog is anything like my Spaniel they'll look forward to their visit to the groomer for a nice spa-like afternoon being pampered!

How Often does my Springer Spaniel need Groomed?

A Springer Spaniel needs to be groomed around every 8-10 weeks on average.

Grooms will be even closer together if you choose to have a more extravagant hair style as they'll need more upkeep. This more applies to dogs used in dog shows over a companion dog.

For most owners though this should be a good guideline to how often they'll need to have between cuts.

You will be able to visually tell when your dog needs a groom. Waiting for this sign can be problematic though as the waiting time for a grooming appointment can be quite long. You may have a shaggy looking dog for a few weeks while you wait. Its best to book in advance.

When Should Springer Spaniels get their First Haircut?

If you have a Springer Spaniel puppy at home you'll be wondering when you can get their first haircut. Generally a dogs first groom will happen when they are around six months old.

Try to brush your dog on a regular basis to get them used to the feeling before going to the groomers. This also has the added benefit of remove loose hair which would just end up all over your clothes and home.

English Springer Spaniels are known for being notorious shedders!

What Style of Haircut Should I Give my Springer Spaniel?

There are a few options to choose from your your Springer Spaniels coat. First you have the puppy cut. It's just a simple once over with the clippers. Then you have the a show dog style coat which is a bit more maintenance with a longer skirt, or there is the more traditional coat style which has a longer coat all of the way around.

Can I Cut my Springer Spaniels Coat Myself?

Yes, it is definitely possible to groom your Springer at home yourself. The simpler the style of coat you choose the easier it will be. A puppy cut will be the easiest to do yourself as you will only need a pair of clippers and some patience.

If you want to try one of the more complex cuts you may need to buy a kit for it. It will pay for itself after the first one to two grooms. This could include scissors and thinning shears for sorting out a longer coat along with other important grooming tools.

Bathing your dog in warm water with a quality dog shampoo before grooming is also important so don't forget that step!

Of course, a professional groomer is always a great option too.

English Springer Spaniel Grooming Tips

As promised at the start here are a couple of top tips for keeping your Springer Spaniels hair looking good between grooming.

Brush your Springer Regularly

Regular grooming is not enough to take care of your dog's coat. You will also need to brush your Springer Spaniel on a daily basis.

This takes care of any dead hair, helps prevent tangles, and help avoid matted hair. As English Springer Spaniels are known for to shed proactively getting that dead hair out will greatly help you reduce the amount of it that turn up in your home.

Trim when Required

This one only really applies if you are trying to maintain one of the long coats. After a little while the ends can look a little frayed and trimming will be required to keep that pretty coat looking good.

If you are doing a good job of this it can extend the time between grooming appointments.


If you've made it this far you know how often an English Springer Spaniel needs to be groomed, and what you can do to keep their coats in good condition for longer.

This is all vital information to taking good care of a Spaniel's coat and if you stick to these really straight-forward suggestions your own dog will have a coat which looks great all year round.

And don't forget to book those grooming appointments well in advance! They tend to be hard to get on short notice.

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