The Spanierd: A German Shepherd & Springer Spaniel Mix

October 21, 2022

Designer dogs are steadily becoming increasingly popular as time goes on and today we will be talking about the Spanierd, a hybrid dog that is half Springer Spaniel and half German Shepherd.

Being bred from two very active dogs this hybrid offers an interesting option for those with a very active lifestyle or who are looking for a large dog breed that is a little different from the purebred options.

It is quite likely you won't have heard about this hybrid dog breed before now, there is very little information about it.

Today we will be giving you a crash course in this Springer Spaniel mix. Ready to learn about the Spanierd? Read on!

Spanierd Pros and Cons

As a very brief overview here are a few pros and cons for the Spanierd.


  • Very intelligent
  • Great watchdog
  • Easy to train


  • Needs a lot of exercise
  • Easily distracted
  • Hard to find puppies


How the Spaniard crossbreed first came to be is not known. It would be fair to consider the lack of information on this breed it is likely a relatively new addition to the list of Springer designer dogs.

Even though we don't know much about how this mixed breed came to be we can say that both of its parent breeds are well known for being excellent companions and working dogs with a rich history.

Physical Appearance

As you would expect from a dog that is a mix of an English Springer Spaniel and a German Shepherd the Spanierd is a big dog when fully grown.

The Spanierd's physical features have a blend of both parent breeds in there. For the most part, you will see the German Shepherd's physical traits shine through more though it does have the folded-over ears and the slightly softer face of a Springer Spaniel.

At a glance, you may think you are looking at a German Shepherd but as you get closer the gentler appearance and ears will give it away quite quickly.


Once mature it will weigh between 21 and 30kg, possibly more if it has a bit more German Shepherd than Springer in the mix as that breed has been known to weigh up to 40kg.

Height is also on a large scale seeing the differences between both parent breeds with between 50 and 65cm.

As with all dog breeds, the males will be a bit larger than the females.


A Spanierd's coat will be medium length and have the same wavy feel to it as you would expect from a Springer Spaniel. They don't come in all of the Springer Spaniel coat colours though. You can find Spanierds in a more limited selection of colours that are usually closer matched the German Shepherds colours.

Regular brushing and grooming will be a must as this breed is a shedder.


Both the Springer Spaniel and German Shepherd dog breeds are well known for their affectionate, loving natures. The Spanierd has boundless energy and that does come out in its character with a mischievous streak.

They all make great family dogs and are good with young children if introduced properly and socialised early on and never left alone, anything can happen even if you have known the dog for years.

At times this breed can be a little hesitant of other dogs. Something to thank having the German Shepherd as a parent breed for.


The Spanierd is a highly intelligent breed. This won't come as a shock when you consider the German Shepherd is the third smartest breed and the English Springer Spaniel is the 13th for intelligence. And this list was 199 dog breeds long!

Training this German Shepherd/Springer mix will be totally painless and almost feel like your dog can read your mind. Both parent dog breeds have been used in the past as working dogs. Springers to hunt birds and German Shepherds for herding.

From basic obedience training to more complex training or even for jobs the Spanierd will prove a very capable candidate.


Like all hybrid dog breeds, the Spanierd will inherit some conditions from its parent breeds. This is not to say that your dog will definitely get these during their life, more that they are more susceptible to it.

From the German Shepherd's side, eye problems are pretty common. Also joint issues such as hip dysplasia which is a condition where the hip joint doesn't quite fit together. They are also known to get stomach problems such as gastric dilatation and volvulus where they can become bloated.

The English Springer Spaniel also has a few breed-specific conditions that might be passed along to a Spanierd. Eye problems are again a consideration here. Such as cherry eye or glaucoma. Springers are also known to have heart disease and problems with diabetes.

Now, this list of potential problems could be a bit off-putting when it comes to picking your next dog. These are just possibly conditions a Spanierd might be susceptible to, all breeds have some and it doesn't mean that they will experience any of them.

Just take care to take your dog to the vet regularly and ensure they remain healthy and these health issues shouldn't cause a problem. All being well your dog should be able to live around 12 to 14 years.

Exercise Needs

As a large dog breed, the Spanierd does need quite a bit of physical exercise to remain in good health. You will want to give this dog between an hour and a half and two hours of exercise a day. Even after this, they will still appear to be completely wired like the energizer bunny!

This pretty much tracks with the parent dog breeds as the German Shepherd and English Springer Spaniel needs two hours a day too.

You will need to find inventive and fun ways of varying your Spanierds exercise regimen. Taking your dog for a run or even participating in more extreme dog sports is a real option here if you are inclined to give it a try. Take a look at Canicross, Skijoring, or even the local dog agility club.

It's not only their physical needs you will need to think about. Spanierds are really smart dogs remember, daily mental stimulation will be a big consideration.

We also have a resource on mentally stimulating your dog if you need a few suggestions.


You could say that Spaniards are a very well kept secret. Even though they are an extremely affectionate, fun breed they are not very well known.

Looking at the number of searches on Google Trends we can see that this hybrid dog breed is far more popular in the United States than in the United Kingdom.

There are more than enough positive traits to justify this bright canine's popularity getting a boost. But unless something gives it a nudge I am not sure what will give it a push. A pity for sure!

Are Spanierd Litters Hard to Find?

Yes, given how few people know about this mixed breed it is quite challenging to find a litter of Spanierd puppies. If this is something you are looking for you will need a great deal of patience and might need to travel quite a distance to secure one.

There is always the option to opt for one of the parent breeds. Both are outstanding dogs, no matter if you are looking for a companion or a working dog breed. Those will both be very easy to find litters of.

Is the Spanierd a Recognised Dog Breed?

No, the Spanierd is not a recognised dog breed. This is fairly standard across the board though when it comes to cross-bred dogs.

There is not much hope for this breed being recognised any time soon either seeing that many very established hybrid dogs also don't make the purebred breed list of the American Kennel Club.


While this German Shepherd and English Springer Spaniel mix will be hard to come by it is a very good option for an active family looking for a dog that can keep up with any adventure.

Boasting a playful and energetic nature the Spanierd is the fun-loving dog you will be looking for. It might not be the best pick for someone with other dogs and it can be a bit protective of its own home and owners.

Who needs an alarm system when you can have a Spanierd around though?

They are pretty easy to recognise if you are out and about. Just look for a softer-looking German Shepherd with floppy ears.

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