Golden Cocker Spaniels

July 19, 2022

With this long luxurious golden coat and big floppy ears, the golden Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful breed that will make an excellent family pet.

They are one of the most common solid colours in which you will find a Cocker Spaniel. And this is reflected in their popularity.

What is a Golden Cocker Spaniel?

If a Cocker Spaniel is referred to as 'golden' it means that its coat is a blonde colour. The exact colour can vary quite a bit from a very light golden coat to a darker colour almost like a very light brown. A darker golden Cocker could also be referred to as red.

This coat will be the same colour all of the way over unlike the roan or two/tri coloured dogs.

Are Golden Cocker Spaniels Part of the Breed Standard?

It depends on who you ask.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) don't consider golden Cocker Spaniels to be part of the breed standard. I can't find any information as to why this is, but I have asked.

While over in the UK The Kennel Club do accept golden as a breed standard colour.

Are Golden Cocker Spaniels Common?

Even though they are not considered a breed standard colour in the United States golden Cocker Spaniels are pretty common.

If you are interested in becoming a pup parent you should be able to find a golden Cocker puppy with relative ease, or perhaps with a little patience at best.

Golden Cocker Spaniel with a Toy

How Much are Golden Cocker Spaniels?

Golden Cockers can cost a bit more than the most common coats such as blue roan or black and white.

I have done a little research online into how much you should pay for one of these beautiful puppies for if you are in America or the UK.

UK Golden Cocker Spaniel Prices

  • £1500 - KC Registered Female Golden Cocker Spaniel
  • £1200 - KC Golden Show Cocker Spaniel
  • £1200 - KC Golden working Cocker Spaniel

Prices from:

In the UK you can expect to £1200 to £1500 for a golden Cocker Spaniel. This is a little bit more than the average of around £1000 showing how these blonde pups are very desirable.

USA Golden Cocker Spaniel Prices

  • $3750 - Male Golden English Cocker Spaniel
  • $3750 - Female Golden Cocker Spaniel
  • $3650 - Male Golden English Cocker Spaniel

Prices from:

Just like in the UK golden pup prices are a bit higher than the average.

Where Can I Find a Golden Cocker Spaniel?

So, your sold on getting a Cocker Spaniel with this light blonde coat? But where can you find one?

Don't worry, we have got you covered!

The best place to start your search is with local breeders. This will let you know about any upcoming litters where the breeder expects to have golden dogs. You may also get lucky and call when they have a litter on the way or are already raising the young pups!

If this doesn't work you should look online at websites where professional and home breeders will be listing available golden puppies.

Here are the top websites to check in the USA and UK.

UK Golden Cocker Spaniel Websites

USA Golden Cocker Spaniel Websites

How to Breed a Golden Cocker Spaniel Litter?

It won't come as a surprise to learn that your best bet to have a golden Cocker Spaniel litter is to breed two golden dogs.

While this might be challenging to find a stud with the same blonde coat it could be worth the wait if you are certain this is what you want.

When bred with other colours blonde Cocker coats are beaten by a few of the others which are a bit stronger. A few examples of this include black, roan colours or chocolate coats.

Any recessive coat colour genes could also play a role, but your vet would be able to help you here.

What Should I Know Before Getting a Golden Cocker Spaniel?

Like with getting any dog it is helpful to research and learn about the breed before adding them to your family. There can even be some colour-specific considerations to make with a new dog.

I'll just quickly run over a few things you should know before getting a golden Cocker.


First off, there are no golden Cocker specific problems you will need to consider.

This breed does however have a reputation for having a few health problems. The main issues that affect Cocker Spaniels relate to their ears and eyes. Ear infections are pretty common with this breed.

There are actually quite a few eye conditions that Cocker Spaniels are more predisposed to than other breeds. A few examples of this are cataracts or glaucoma.

I'll also just say that I have had a Cocker Spaniel for almost seven years and have not seen any of the serious problems occur. Perhaps I have been lucky though.

In many cases getting your pup from a reputable breeder will go a long way in ensuring there are no hereditary health conditions being passed down.

Make sure you get lifetime cover pet insurance and you will be fine.


Cocker Spaniels are well known for their kind and loving temperaments, and those with a lovely golden coat are no exception.

You can expect an affectionate, incredibly loyal, and amenable dog when you bring that blonde Cocker Spaniel puppy home.

The one thing worth mentioning is that there has been research which suggested that solid coloured Cocker Spaniels are more likely to be aggressive or have Cocker Rage.

A study published in the Applied Animal Behaviour Science journal also suggested golden Cocker Spaniels could exhibit more dominant behaviour.

You can seriously reduce your chances of this by checking the parent's history before taking the dog home. Also, no responsible breeder would mate a dog with health problems in the past.

Please take this with a pinch of salt though and don't let it deter you from adding a golden Cocker to your family. They really are excellent family dogs.


Training a golden Cocker Spaniel is a breeze. This breed is highly intelligent and will quickly pick up any new command with ease.

The fastest way to a Spaniels heart is food. Keeping a few treats handy will make everything go much smoother.


And that is the stunning golden Cocker.

This type of Cocker Spaniel is very desirable thanks to its light luxurious coat and affectionate nature. Thankfully there are plenty to choose from for would-be pup parents even if they may cost a little more than the average pup.

As with any pup you are bringing into your home you will want to do your due diligence to make sure they are in good health condition and free from any avoidable hereditary conditions.

Any good breeder will have no problem discussing this information though and it is even a good sign for them as it shows you care.

And if you are bringing a beautiful blonde Cocker into your life best of luck! It will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

I'm actually seriously considering getting a lovely blonde Cocker for my next dog too!

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