How Fast Can a Springer Spaniel Run?

August 12, 2022

If you've been out in the park watching your Springer Spaniel chase their ball across the park at a blisteringly quick pace you may wonder just now fast they can run.

With a history of being bred as hunting dogs, high energy levels, and at times a seemingly limitless gas tank the Springer Spaniel is a fast runner.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about Springer Spaniel running speeds. I've even pulled all of the data from the AKC's Fast CAT event in 2022 and analysed it to glean insights about how fast English and Welsh Springers can run.

Sound interesting? Let's get started!

What is a Springer Spaniels Top Speed?

The top speed of an English Springer Spaniel is a staggering 27.88 mph. This is an impressive pace and reinforces why this breed is a favourite of hunters.

The Welsh Springer comes in quite a bit lower with a top speed of 23.02 mph.

What is the Average Speed a Springer Spaniel can Run?

The English Springer Spaniel is the fastest of the two breeds with an average speed of 21.94 mph. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a bit slower with an average speed of 19.79 mph.

It is worth noting that this data is based on the American Kennel Clubs Fast CAT runs in 2022 and takes an average of all Springers who ran.

One reason for the lower speed of Welsh Springers could be the lower number of participants with 76 English Springers and only 15 Welsh in the event.

What About Male and Female Springer Spaniels?

There is a slight variance between male and female English Springer Spaniels. Males are quicker on average, but not by much with an average speed less than 1 mph faster than females. It comes in at 22.28 vs 21.54 mph.

It is surprising it comes in so close given male dogs have more muscular physiques and testosterone.

What is even more surprising is the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Going by the 2022 AKC Fast CAT results females were actually faster than the males. It came in at 18.95 mph for males and 20.53 mph on average for females.

The sample size is pretty small though.

How Does this Compare to Other Spaniels?

Springer Spaniels may not be among the fastest dog breeds, however, they do measure up very well against most other Spaniel breeds.

For example, on average Cocker Spaniels run 18.31 mph. Far less than the English Springer Spaniel at almost 22mph. The Irish Water Spaniel does beat them narrowly though with an average speed of 22.36mph in this year's Fast CAT.

Very close. Better luck next year Springers!

Can a Springer Spaniel Keep Up with a Human Running?

Perhaps you are considering taking your dog out for a run, and wondering if your Springer could keep pace with a person running. Well, not only could a Springer Spaniel keep up with you but actually run over twice as fast as the average person's speed of 8mph.

This means you should worry more about keeping with your dog more than the other way around. And that limitless energy Springers bring makes that a fair challenge!

Do Springer Spaniels Make Good Running Partners?

Yes. A Springer Spaniel can make a great running companion. They are very agile dogs with boundless energy and fun-loving nature. All traits you would want in a dog you would run with.

This will take a bit of time and patience on your part to get your Springer up to speed with what is expected on them on runs.

If you have a Springer puppy you shouldn't take them out for a run yet though since their bones and muscles have not fully developed yet. Best to wait until at least 18-24 months old.

How Far Can a Springer Spaniel Run?

Springer Spaniels have a high level of stamina and can run around seven miles in a single session (roughly 11km). This should be more than enough for a casual runner just looking for a way to say fit and exercise their dog at the same time.

With proper training, it can be possible to go longer than this but please consult your vet before trying long distances.

Are Springer Spaniels Fast Enough to Do Well in Dog Sports?

Yes, the Welsh and English Springer Spaniel are both well suited to a broad range of dog sports.

A few sports you might want to consider include dog agility and Flyball. Both of these sports take advantage of an English Springer Spaniels agility and speed allowing this breed to perform very well when measured up against many other breeds.

The fact Springer Spaniels are one of the most intelligent dog breeds will also work to their advantage when it comes to sports as their problem-solving skills are really strong.

Testing your Springer Spaniels Running Speed

Curious about how fast your Springer Spaniel can run?

The good news is you can easily find out. Maybe they even beat the fastest speed recorded above!

While not designed for dogs specifically the Sports Speed Radar can measure how fast your dog is running. Head to the park to set it up and throw your dog's ball in that direction.

What Can Impact How Fast your Springer Spaniel Can Run?

One thing that is clear from all of the different speeds different Springer Spaniels run at is that each dog is individual. But what actually makes one Springer Spaniel faster than another?

While just luck and randomness can play a large role here there are a few factors which can impact your dog's speed.

Physical Conditioning

Just like with people physical conditioning plays a big role in how far an English Springer Spaniel can/should run

If your dog has had a more sedentary lifestyle or is new to running a lot you may want to ease into it a bit and build up over time.


Health problems can also impact your dog's ability to run fast. For example, joint problems are something that is not uncommon in this breed.

There are many issues that can impact this though, if you think there is a reason your Springer shouldn't go running it's best to check with your vet.


From the data from the Fast CAT event, we can see that female Springer Spaniels are not quite as fast as males. This is fairly clear though as males are more muscular and generally larger dogs.

The Type of Springer Spaniel

Also thanks to the data we know that an English Springer Spaniel will be quicker than the Welsh one.


English Springer Spaniels run fast achieving an average speed of almost 22 mph!

This is pretty quick, even for a dog. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is also a good runner but not quite as quick of the mark as its English counterpart.

Both are really athletic dogs though and no matter if you were just curious how fast your dog was running, considering running with them, or even looking to enter your dog in some more competitive events it's good to know that they'll easily keep up with you and other dogs.

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