How Many Puppies Does a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Have?

September 9, 2022

If you have a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and are considering breeding your dog you may be curious about how many puppies you can expect.

Well, the King Charles Spaniel is quite a small breed so you are very unlikely to have massive litters when breeding, especially during the first season which is typically smaller.

While there is an average litter size of around three to four pups there are many factors which can play a role in how many puppies your dog has.

In this article, we will be getting into how many puppies you could be able to have but also what reasons can influence the number of puppies your King Charles Spaniel has. If you are planning to breed or are just curious read on to learn everything you need to know.

What Size is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Litter?

The average litter size of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is between four and six puppies. The number of pups can vary for quite a few reasons and go from as few as one Cavalier puppy all the way up to a dozen!

What Can Affect the Size of a King Charles Spaniels Litter?

Most Cavalier litters will be between four and six puppies, however, many factors can play a role in how many puppies you should expect.

Let's take a look at the main factors which can impact it.

First Litter

If it is your dog's first season it is very likely they will have a litter of between three and four puppies. Nobody knows exactly why this is but it has been observed pretty consistently. Later litters are generally larger and between four and six puppies.


The health of your Cavalier can also be a factor that influences how many puppies she has. You should always have your dog checked out by your vet before mating, that goes for the stud too.

This also extends to screening for hereditary health conditions which should not be passed down.


Nutrition is a large factor that can play a role in how many puppies your King Charles has. Make sure your female dog is eating a high-quality diet well before you even breed her.

This is pretty easy to do generally speaking. Just buy a high-quality kibble which is 'balanced and complete' which means it has everything your Cavalier needs nutritionally.

How your Cavalier Became Pregnant

Female dogs who become pregnant naturally tend to have larger litters than those who do as a result of artificial insemination.

The reason for this is that some sperm will die on the way resulting in fewer pups.

Age of Mother

If your Cavalier is very young or around eight years old plus she will have a smaller litter on average. The numbers go back to first litter numbers and you can expect three to four. Though there can be exceptions to the rule, of course.

Size of the Mother

The size adult Cavalier King Charles Spaniels grow to be as adults is a range with smaller and larger dogs. If your Cavalier is on the smaller side of the scale she is far more likely to have fewer puppies. There simply is just less room for them to grow.

Time of Year

Litters born in Spring are far more likely to be larger in size than those born at other times of the year.

If you are planning to have little Cavalier puppies running around soon and want a larger litter you may want to aim for the start of the year for your dog to become pregnant.

Largest Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Litter Size Recorded

While the average litter size of a Cavalier is four puppies the largest is three times that size!

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel down in Rochdale, England had a litter of 12 puppies setting a very impressive record.

There are a few factors to keep in mind here. Firstly it was the dog's third litter with the first two being three and six puppies, and also the owner stated that her dog was very large for being a Cavalier.

Still, this is pretty astounding for a pretty small dog to produce such a large litter of pups!

What is the Oldest I can Breed by Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

The older your dog is the higher the risk of pregnancy. This is why it's not recommended you breed your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel past eight years old.

This will still allow you to get a good three to four litters out of your dog if you are breeding from around the second season and leaving suitable breaks between.

What Age Can a Cavalier King Charles for Breeding?

You can't breed your King Charles Spaniel until she has fully matured. This usually means skipping the first season and waiting until she is around 18-24 months old.

At this point, her growth plates will have fused and her bones and muscles stopped developing. Not waiting can cause long-term damage to the mother and potentially hurt the chances of a smooth pregnancy.


The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can have litter ranging from just a single puppy all the way up to 12, though the normal litter size is between four and six puppies.

The exact number of puppies your King Charles Spaniel has will vary on many factors as we have gone through above, many of these you will be able to influence through such as diet, time of year, and method of pregnancy.

If you are considering breeding your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel speak with your veterinarian for more advice and the next steps. They are the real pros and will make sure you have everything you need to have a stress-free and healthy experience for you and your pet.

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