How Much Exercise Does a Springer Spaniel Need?

August 14, 2022

Springer Spaniels are a very energetic breed. Anyone who has owned one will tell you all about their boundless energy levels and playful nature.

If you have a Springer Spaniel at home you'll certainly know if they are not getting enough exercise. This boisterous breed will be a little restless and long for an adventure outdoors. And when you give it to them it can at times seem that they could keep going forever.

So the question is, how much exercise is enough?

In this article that is what we will talk about. While I can simply tell you that a Springer Spaniel needs around two hours a day of exercise there are quite a few factors that can change that number along with a few considerations you should take.

If this sounds like your situation keep reading to learn everything you need to know about exercising your Springer Spaniel.

How much Exercise Does a Springer Spaniel Need?

A healthy adult Springer Spaniel needs around two hours of exercise per day.

This Spaniel breed is known for its needing a lot of exercise. If you are taking a Springer home be prepared to spend a lot of time outdoors to ensure they have a chance to get a good workout every day.

Not all Springer Spaniels need two hours of exercise per day though. One of the factors that can change this number is age. Both Springer puppies and seniors need a bit less exercise.

Senior Springer Spaniel

Older dogs don't have the same ability to run around all day as an adult Springer Spaniel does.

They begin to slow a little and may be carrying a few injuries. For example, joint issues are prevalent in this breed, especially as they age. This is all perfectly normal and just part of your dog getting older. But it does mean you need to adjust their exercise routine.

As your English Springer continues to age start reducing that two hours gradually along with the intensity of the activity. If you were running with your Springer Spaniel for example it may be time to trade that in for a casual walk in the park.

By the time they are around 14, you'll want to be down to around 30-60 minutes a day depending on your dog.

For seniors, the focus is on injury prevention.

Senior status kicks in around eight years old for this breed.

Springer Spaniel Puppies

Just like older dogs, Springer Spaniel puppy has their own set of rules when it comes to exercise.

The simple way of remembering it is that your Engish Springer should have five minutes of exercise for every month old they are two times a day.

This means that a four-month-old puppy needs around 20 minutes two times a day. If you do more than this you risk harming your puppy.

Young pups have a lot of growing to do. Their bones are still growing, muscles developing, and letting your little dog do too much exercise will lead to many issues such as arthritis or hip dysplasia in later life.

Hip dysplasia is already common in Spaniels, you won't want to increase your dog's chances of it!

I know this one can be hard, especially with a dog with energy levels as high as a Springer Spaniel. This stage of their life flies past far too quickly though, so a little patience from their human will go a long way.

Why Do Springer Spaniels Need a Lot of Exercise?

There are a few reasons why Springer Spaniels need a solid two hours of exercise per day. The first is due to their history as hunting dogs and another key reason for their exercise needs is to maintain their health.

History as Hunting Dogs

First, let's talk about what Springer Spaniels were bred for in the first place. Springers were bred as working dogs and used to flush out birds to be shot.

In fact, it's actually how they got their name. From their ability to make the birds 'spring' out of their hiding place.

Being bred for this purpose did help the English Springer have quite high energy levels, even now when they are more commonly seen as companion dogs.


The other reason your Springer Spaniel needs a solid workout every day is for their health.

Ensuring your dog has the exercise they need is crucial for their physical and mental health. Being very active can also reduce the chance your Springer is affected by some of the more common health problems seen in this breed such as joint problems, arthritis, or even obesity.

Burn off Energy

As Springers are very active dogs they have a lot of energy. Sometimes it can feel impossible to tire them out. They always feel ready to go!

A dog who has a sufficient level of exercise will be far less likely to become bored and have behavioural problems or even become destructive.

Do your dog and your home a favour and make sure you take that Springer out to the park!

What Kind of Exercise Should a Springer Spaniel Do?

As dog owners, we tend to get into a bit of a routine on how we meet our dog's exercise needs. This could be following the same route when on a walk or going to the same part of a park to throw your dog's ball.

I'm sure there are exceptions to this and some people are off on an adventure to a new place regularly with their Springer. However, this will fit the majority of dog owners. People are creatures of habit after all.

That said, it is possible to mix it up a bit now and again. Here are a few suggestions on ways you can vary your Springer Spaniels exercise.

Going for Walks

Dog walks are a staple of any solid exercise plan.

They are ideal for dogs of all ages and as simple as it gets. Walking your dog can be quite therapeutic too. Few things are more relaxing than taking your dog out to a park for a walk and listening to a podcast or just enjoying their company.

Throwing a Ball in the Park

Another popular option for dog owners is throwing a ball in the park. The big advantage here is that the dog is the one doing all of the work, so you can just relax and throw the ball when they return with it.

To get a bit more range on your ball throws you can buy a ball launcher. A really inexpensive way to get your dog running even further.

Your dog will be sprinting back and forth with their ball making this a bit more of an intense workout. A good way to tire a Springer Spaniel out a bit more.

One bit of advice here is to pay attention to how your dog is. If they are panting a lot and want to take a break, let them. And remember to take water with you.


Swimming is another fun way to mix up your Springers exercise.

They love water and are brilliant at swimming naturally, another thing to thank their history as hunting dogs for.

Going for a dip is a great way to help your dog cool down on a hot day or just add a bit of interest to your dog's day.

Running with Owner

Running together is a brilliant way to get your workout in while your Springer gets theirs, all while reinforcing that bond at the same time.

A win for everyone!

This one will need a bit more time and patience from your side to train your dog up, however, once your Springer is trained up you'll have the most enthusiastic running partner you could wish for.

Dog Agility

Dog agility is a great way to exercise your Springer's body and mind at the same time. This breed performs really well in this style of event thanks to its agility and sharp mind.

You may be able to find one close by where you stay. If not, then you can easily set one up at home at a minimal cost.


Flyball is another dog sport that English Springer Spaniels love. This sport demands agility and a lot of speed. Attributes that Springers have in spades.

Just like dog agility check your local area for clubs.

Signs your Springer Spaniel isn't Getting Enough Exercise

Some dogs don't get quite enough exercise on a daily basis. This can happen from time to time but it's important that it's recognised and action taken. It's never too late!

Here are the signs that your dog isn't getting enough exercise:

  • Becoming overweight
  • Appearing more lethargic/lazy
  • Destructive behaviour
  • Restlessness

Signs your Springer Spaniel is Doing too Much Exercise

Just like your Springer can not do enough exercise it's equally possible for your dog to do too much. And it can be just as damaging to their health.

Here are the signs to watch out for:

  • Panting a lot
  • Their pace slows when walking
  • Dog wants to stop and lie down
  • Limping

Don't Forget Mental Stimulation!

Many owners focus a lot on the physical exercise an English Springer Spaniel needs more than the mental stimulation a Springer Spaniel needs.

They are in fact, both equally important parts of a dog's exercise. Especially if you have a really intelligent dog such as a Springer Spaniel.

If you are looking for ways to engage your dog's mind we have an in-depth resource covering everything you need to know about dog mental stimulation.


So, now you know everything you could want to about exercising a Springer Spaniel.

These energetic dogs need two hours of exercise a day as adults but this can vary quite a bit depending on their age and health.

Hopefully, the suggestions on ways to mix up your Springer Spaniels exercise will help you find new and interesting ways to bring excitement into your dog's daily routine.

Just don't neglect mental stimulation. It really is a key part of caring for a Springer Spaniel.

If you've found that the level of exercise a Springer Spaniel needs is more than you can offer a day and are still in the research phase there are other Spaniel dogs to consider. For example, Cocker Spaniels only need around one hour a day.

No matter how you go with it Spaniels are a lovely family of dogs and a lot of fun. Very hard to go wrong!

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