Springer Spaniel Haircuts: All Styles Explained + Pictures

September 11, 2022

Is your Springer Spaniels hair getting a little long and unruly? Perhaps it's time for a quick cut.

But which are the options for Springer haircut styles?

While it may be tempting to just have your dog's coat cut short all over there are actually a few distinct styles you could opt for. That being one of them, of course.

Many factors can influence the way you choose to groom your English Springer Spaniel. This could be if your dog is intended to be a show dog, a working dog, or perhaps even you are just looking for the lowest-maintenance option for keeping your Springers coat looking beautiful.

In this article, we will be covering all of the main ways you can cut your Springer Spaniel's coat and offering advice on the best styles of coat for specific times of year or purposes.

If you are trying to work out your options for your English Springer Spaniels hairstyles you are in the right place!

Main Springer Spaniel Grooming Styles

There are three main styles of coat you can choose for English Springer Spaniels. This includes a natural look which takes care advantage of their beautiful feathering hair, a long hair coat that is more associated with show dogs, and a more practical puppy coat.

Let's take a look at each option.

Natural Springer Spaniel Coat Style


First, let's talk about the natural coat. This grooming style highlights the stunning natural shape of the Springer Spaniel and how its hair falls. Their hair curls quite a lot and this feathering generally is more predominant around the chest and torso.

This coat will require regular grooming to keep it looking good. You will need to brush it regularly to avoid knots and matted hair and a quick weekly trim should keep your Springer Spaniel looking great between visits to a dog groomer.

The only real downside to this hairstyle is it can get a little messy if your dog likes to get dirty in muddy areas when out on adventures.

Show Dog Springer Spaniel Coat Style

Show Dog Coat

The Show dog coat is the longest of all Springer Spaniel grooming styles. It focuses on luxurious long and showcases the beauty of this breed.

It's a little different for both Welsh Springer Spaniels and English with the English Springer having it slightly longer.

With a longer and more well-maintained coat the show dog coat will require a lot more upkeep. This will involve regular brushing to get rid of loose hair, there will be more than other coats.

Rather than the odd trim, you will likely have to have more frequent dog grooming appointments as this stunning coat will need a professional groomer to keep it in good condition.

This style of Springer Spaniel coat is best reserved for those interested in taking their Springer to dog shows.

Puppy Cut Springer Spaniel Coat Style

Puppy Cut

And last but by no means least we have the puppy cut. This grooming style is very straightforward as it involves shaving your Springer Spaniel all over leaving one to two inches of hair.

Sometimes people leave the ears and tail a bit longer but personally I opt for it all to be cut short.

While it is called a puppy cut it is by no means reserved for young dogs. This grooming style is ideal for Springers of all ages, and in fact, is one of the most popular ways to style a Springer's hair.

The puppy cut is very low maintenance with no chance of knots or matted hair and less shedding. Of course, over time as your dog's hair grows between coats you will have more loose hair and need for brushing.

How Often Should a Springer Spaniel be Groomed?

You should book your Springer Spaniel in for a groom every 8-10 weeks. This will need to be more frequent if you opt for the show dog style of coat where it may even be monthly.

Make sure you book your Springer in for a groom well in advance as appointments always go quickly. If you wait until your dog is starting to look a bit scruffy it may be another three to four weeks before you get an appointment.

Planning in advance you can project out roughly when your Spaniel's coat will be getting a bit too long and be well organised.

When Should a Springer Spaniel Puppy get their First Haircut?

A Springer Spaniel puppy can have their first haircut at 12 weeks old. You don't have to book a groom for this time you can let it grow out a little if you wish.

Before this, they are just too little and depending on how early you are talking it may not even be safe for them to be at a dog groomers without all of the vaccinations.

How Often Should you Bathe a Springer Spaniel?

Sometimes your Springer Spaniel may get a little messy when out and this may result in a trip to the bath. The problem, if you do this too often, is that you wash the natural oils out of your Springer's coat which can lead to skin irritation.

Your groomer will already be using a dog shampoo to wash your dog before clipping their coat so if you want to give your dog a bath try to space it out to the midpoint between appointments.

Springer Spaniel Summer Summer Cut

During the hot summer months, you will want to steer clear of heavier styles of Springer Spaniel coats. The best coat for helping your dog stay cool will be the puppy cut given its length.

Another reason this style is best in warmer months is its ease of upkeep if your dog gets a bit dirty.

Springer Spaniel Winter Cut

In winter you will want to let your Springer Spaniels coat grow out a bit long closer to the natural cut. These months are a bit colder and the puppy cut could see your dog feeling a bit too cold.

You can still have your dog's coat shaven though you may want to consider a coat for your Springer Spaniel to keep them warmer.

Working Springer Spaniel Haircut

Working Springers can have either the natural cut or puppy. Like above which you choose will in part come down to the time of year and how likely they are to get messy.

Generally, shorter coats will be better for the simpler maintenance.

Can I Cut my Springer Spaniels Hair at Home?

Yes, it is definitely possible to cut your Springer Spaniels coat at home yourself. For this you will need a little patience and a grooming set to get started. Depending the type of cut you are aiming for this could be just a set of clippers or scissors too.

It would be best to stick to the simpler options when grooming your English Springer Spaniel such as the natural or puppy cut. More complex styles will need a professional dog groomer to make sure you get it right.


Now you know all of the different styles of haircut Springer Spaniels most commonly get. Everyone will have their own favourite, personally I like the puppy cut for its ease up upkeep and neat appearance.

Hopefully this guide gave you a good idea of the style of coat you want for your English Springer Spaniel and a few ideas of what your dog should need at different times of the year.

And if you are feeling particular adventurous you could even give it a try yourself? After the first one or two cuts you'll be grooming your Springer Spaniel for free! Maybe start out with one of the simpler cuts first and then, who knows what you'll be able to do yourself!

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