When do Cockapoos Calm Down?

October 6, 2022

Being part Cocker Spaniel and part Poodle, Cockapoos are renowned for being excitable and full of life. While these traits are some big reasons why this crossbreed is so popular, you can't help but wonder after a while when your Cockapoo will calm down a bit.

If you find yourself asking this question, you are certainly not alone.

Active dog breeds such as Cockapoos have high energy levels and need plenty of physical and mental stimulation to remain satisfied. This can present itself even more so for the first few years of your dog's life.

Typically you will find your Cockapoo begins to chill out a bit at around two years old. By this point, that puppy phase has ended, and they have fully matured.

You will still have flashes of that excitable puppy coming through now and again, even in an older dog. That's just the breed. My Spaniel is seven, and she still acts like a little puppy at times. It definitely keeps life interesting!

While we have covered when you can expect a Cockapoo to calm down already, there is more worth talking about here. There is quite a bit you can do to help your Cockapoo calm down a little more and triggers that might set off your dog. And this is what we will be talking about today.

Ready to learn more about having a more chilled-out dog? Read on!

Are Cockapoos Excitable Dogs?

Cockapoos do have a reputation for being full of life and having an energetic and excitable nature. As we have already mentioned, this can present itself throughout your dog's life but will be more predominant until they reach about two years old. The exact time will vary from dog to dog.

When are Cockapoos Most Likely to be Hyper?

Being able to identify the situations where your Cockapoo will become a bit carried away can help you identify these times and find ways to help address these situations or find ways to avoid them.

Here are some of the main situations you should be aware of:

  • Delivery men, friends over, or even just a knock at the door.
  • New experiences
  • Meal times
  • Playtime
  • High-value treats

The key to any situation that makes your Cockapoo anxious is reducing your dog's sensitivity to it. Maybe every time there is a knock at the door there isn't someone there, for example. You could knock a few times and show your dog that there is actually nothing to be getting excited about.

Eventually, over time they would stop overreacting, and you have a calm Cockapoo.

Ways to Help my Cockapoo Calm Down

Just because you have a hyper Cockapoo puppy doesn't mean there is no way you can calm your crazy pup down a little. In fact, there are many ways you can help settle down your dog.

Let's look at a few of our favourite methods for helping a Cockapoo relax a bit more.

Make Sure they are Getting Lots of Exercise

Undoubtedly the best way to calm down a Cockapoo is with physical activity and mental stimulation.

A dog who is tired from long walks or has spent the afternoon playing with dog puzzle toys is far more likely to be relaxed and calm. Cockapoos that have this requirement met will spend a lot of time feeling quite satisfied.

Ensuring your Cockapoo has sufficient mental stimulation and regular exercise are some of the key ways to keep your dog calm.

If you want to learn more about exercising a Cockapoo, we have an in-depth article on it.

Focus on Dog Training

A well-trained dog is far more likely to listen to commands when asked. And this can be incredibly helpful when you are trying to get your Cockapoo to chill out.

Just being able to get them to stop and grab their attention when they are getting a bit carried away can help solve the problem. You don't need to teach your dog anything special, basic obedience training will tick the box.

Try to Avoid Changes in Routine

One thing that can get a dog excited is changes in their daily life. This could be unexpected visitors, unusual noises they are unfamiliar with, or even just heading out to places that they don't usually go to.

The more you can keep living the same day-to-day, the more chance your Cockapoo will be chilled out. I know this might not be exactly 'ideal' and things will happen from time to time. If you do find yourself in a situation outlined above just take a minute to

Dog's Often Mirror Owners

We have all heard people making comparisons between dogs and their owners, essentially suggesting that our canine companion will mirror our behaviour to a point. I do believe there is something in this.

If you have an excitable dog, consider how you act. If a Cockapoo owner is acting in a way that will rile up their dog, don't be too surprised when your dog acts out.

This can be particularly the case when you come home from work. Cockapoos don't like being alone and, of course, become excited when they see you again. Try not to respond too much and make a big deal out of it.


Being bred from very active parent breeds, Cockapoos are very excitable and active dogs. This does present itself more in the first two years. Cockapoo puppies can be quite a handful at times!

Despite being a little exhausting at times, this stage of your dog's life is one you will miss once you have an adult Cockapoo.

Don't get me wrong, they can still act like a puppy now and again, but it is far less frequent once your dog has matured.

The best takeaway from this is that mental and physical stimulation are staples of keeping a Cockapoo calm.

Hopefully, the advice in this article has Cockapoo owners you understand that your dog is likely to be a bit more at a young age and cool down a bit later. Also, the tips and advice on how to deal with it should help you chill your dog out more.

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