When do Springer Spaniels Calm Down? + 8 Top Tips

August 7, 2022

Springer Spaniels are one of the most energetic dogs out of all Spaniel breeds. And as anyone who owns one will attest, they are very excitable dogs!

This can be quite cute when you have a new Springer Spaniel puppy but can soon wear your patience thin when they are a few years old. And you can't help but wonder will your boisterous Springer even chill out?

Well, in this article that is what we will cover. After reading this you will know everything you need to about when excitable Springers relax a bit and what you can do to help your Spaniel relax more.

Let's get started!

What Age do Springer Spaniels Calm Down?

Generally, Springer Spaniels will chill out a little when they are around two to three years old.

This will vary from dog to dog though as just like your Spaniel will have a distinctive personality the amount of time it takes your Springer to pick up a new skill is also unique.

There are factors which can influence when your dog beings to chill out such as their level of training. Dogs who are not as well trained tend not to calm down as early as those who are.

Why are Springer Spaniels so Hyper?

The reason Springer Spaniels have such high energy levels is rooted in their history.

This breed was originally bred as a hunting dog and used to help flush birds out to be shot by hunters. Working dogs need a lot of energy to keep up with their owners and while most Springer Spaniels are companion dogs these days it is still in the dog's genes along with their high prey drive.

Also, they are just generally a high-energy breed who love to get into everything. Especially when they are still puppies.

Situations where a Springer Spaniel can become Excited

Identifying the situations where a Springer Spaniel will become excited can help you reduce the chance of it occurring and understand where you will want to focus your training efforts on as well trained dogs do chill out earlier.

The main situations where a Springer can get excited include:

  • Around food: I've yet to meet a Spaniel who is not entirely motivated by food. It doesn't matter where food is. They will be there and you will know about it!
  • During play: While playing is another time your Springer can get really worked up. They just get too caught up in the moment.
  • Randomly: Sometimes there just isn't any discernable reasoning as to why your Springer is going a bit crazy.

Top Tips for a Calm Springer Spaniel

So, now you understand the what and why of Springer Spaniels being excitable here are our top tips on how to keep your dog relaxed. Even if they are an excitable Springer!

Make Sure they Have Had Enough Exercise

All dogs need a good workout. And English Springer Spaniels are definitely not an exception.

Without it they have a lot of pent up energy with no outlet. And what does this lead to? A hyper Springer Spaniel.

This breed need around two hours a day of exercise. You'll notice that Springers who have a good run in the park with their ball or go on nice long walks daily will be far more relaxed than those who don't.

You don't have to get the full two hours in one session. It can be split between an hour in the morning and one in the evening. I know it can be challenging to find a two hour slot every day.

Please note this is far less for puppies. For more information on how much exercise a Springer Spaniel needs please see our resource on that.

Don't Forget Mental Stimulation

Along with your meeting your Springer Spaniels physical needs you also need to think about the amount of mental stimulation your dog gets. This is often overlooked but is actually just as important as your dog getting regular exercise.

This is particularly the case for Springers as they are a very intelligent breed. In fact, the English Springer Spaniel ranks 13th in intelligence out of all breeds.

Engaging that sharp mind is very important! Not doing so can lead to boredom and destructive behaviour.

There are many ways to take care of your Springer Spaniels mental needs. To give you a few ideas you can get dog puzzles, toys such as Kong's that can be filled with treats, or even a snuffle mat.

We also play hide and seek with our Spaniel and she loves it. It really engages her prey drive. Just take one of your dogs toys and tell them to stay then go and hide it in your home and let them go find it. Quick warnings though if you get them started you'll be hiding that toy all afternoon!

Give your Springer their Own Space

By ensuring your Springer Spaniel has a quiet, relaxing space to go to when they need a break you allow your dog to have a little 'me time' and get away from the noise of a busy household.

It is important to remember that while Springer Spaniels are loving, and playful dogs sometimes they just need to chill out. This can help your dog deal with stressful situations too.

This is especially if you have a household with younger children who may hype up the dog. If this is the case make sure they know not to disturb the dog when they are in their bed. As hyper as they can be Springers need to rest too!

If your dog is getting a bit too carried away you can also encourage them to take a break and lie down in their space for a minute to cool off a little.

This space can be a crate, or a dog bed. It really won't matter to much which. The most important thing is where it is.

Make your Home Dog Safe

If you have a new puppy or generally excitable Springer Spaniel you won't want your dog getting into any trouble or potentialy dangerous situations when running around.

Take a minute and look around your home for any dangerous situations your Springer could get into when to excited, or even if there is anything they could break.

You can also make good use of a baby gate to stop your dog from getting to certian parts of your home if you want to contain the carnage.

Your Behaviour can Impact your Springers

There have been studies that suggest that a dog owners personality is reflected in their dog's personality a bit. And I think there is some truth to this.

If you are more relaxed your dog is going to be relaxed. Yes, Springer Spaniels are an excitable, energetic breed who will be a bit crazy regardless at times. But as a general rule of thumb if you are a relaxed person your dog will be a bit more relaxed.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule as with everything.

Don't Hype your Springer Up

There is a difference between playing with your dog and trying to get them all hyped up.

I'm not suggesting that you don't play with your Spaniel! Playing is a great way to build your bond and have a little fun.

Just if you see they are getting a bit crazy maybe just take your foot off the gas a little and help them come down a notch. They are an easily excitable breed.

Try to think of your tone of voice and body language.

Have a High-Quality Diet

What you feed your Springer Spaniel can also play a role in how hyper they are. Some dog foods have more additives such as food colourings and sugar.

Not exactly what first comes to your mind when you think of a high-quality Springer Spaniel diet!

Read the ingredients of what is in your dogs food and look up anything you don't recognise. If your feeding your dog kibble and see "balanced and complete" on the packaging you should be okay.

Focus on Training if your Springer Spaniel is Often Hyper

As we've mentioned before proper training can go a low way to making your Springer Spaniels calm.

This can take time especially for Springer Spaniel puppies. Just stay with it it won't take too long, remember they are intelligent dogs.


No matter if your have an English Springer Spaniel or Welsh one this breed is known for its excitable nature.

It's one of my favourite Spaniel traits, though it can be a little tiring at times!

There can be many reasons which cause Spaniels to become a bit hyper. It could happen at any time. The main times I've noticed are when food is around or during playtime. Your Sprigner being left alone and separation anxiety can also be a cause though.

The good news is there is plenty you can do to keep this active dog more relaxed. And if you follow our advice laid out above you should be able to make great progress over time. Just remember that all dogs are individual and will learn at their own pace.

Keep consistent and remember positive reinforcement is the best way to get through to Springer.

And if you are having a hard time making progress you can always seek professional help from a dog trainer or your vet.

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