White Cocker Spaniel: A Very Rare Cocker Colour

July 23, 2022

Sporting a brilliantly white coat and that lovely Spaniel temperament white Cocker Spaniels are a beautiful example of the wide array of coats available and great family members.

As one of the least common solid colours you will see, a white Cocker Spaniel will certainly catch your attention if you are out in the park or looking for a new puppy and see one in a litter.

Want to learn a bit more about this stunning coat colour? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about white fur on a Cocker Spaniel.

What is a White Cocker Spaniel?

A white Cocker Spaniel is defined by the colour of its coat which is solid white all over. This type of Cocker has lighter hair than a golden or red Cocker Spaniel.

It is possible to find both English and American Cocker Spaniels with coats like this.

Is a White Cocker Spaniel Part of the Breed Standard?

As a solid colour on its own, the AKC doesn't list white as a breed colour. That said, they do consider a few parti-coloured combinations that include white as acceptable.

These include black and white, brown and white, red and white, and buff and white.

The Kennel Club in the UK mirrors the opinions held by the AKC while also having chocolate and white and orange and white on the list too.

How Common are White Cocker Spaniel?

Cocker Spaniels which are completely white are quite uncommon. If you are looking to buy a Cocker Spaniel puppy with white fur you might need a little patience to find the pup for you.

You might need to settle for a dog that has more than one colour in its coats such as the far more common black and white Cocker Spaniel or brown and white.

How Much Does a White Cocker Spaniel Cost?

Let's take a look at how much you should expect to pay for a Cocker Spaniel with white hair. Since Cockers with this fur is less common I'll also include prices for dogs with two coat colours instead of only solid coloured dogs.

UK White Cocker Spaniel Prices

  • £950 - Black and white Cocker
  • £1250 - Lemon and white Cocker
  • £900 - Chocolate and white Cocker

Prices from: pets4homes.co.uk

USA White Cocker Spaniel Prices

  • $3400 - White Cocker
  • $2849 - Chocolate and white Cocker
  • $2999 - Buff and white Cocker

Prices from: newdoggy.com & puppyspot.com

White Cocker Spaniel Puppies

How to Find a White Cocker Spaniel Puppy

There are two ways you can try to find a Cocker Spaniel with white hair. As you will see from the puppies I was able to find above you might have to settle for a two-coloured Cocker Spaniel instead of a solid one.

The first is to contact local breeders. For this method just search online and call anyone in your area who breeds Cocker Spaniels. You may get lucky and find they have puppies available or a litter on the way.

The other method is to search websites where professional and home breeders list puppies for sale. Doing it this way can be a bit quicker as you'll just see all litters with available pups with a quick search.

To save you some time trying to find the right websites that could have white Cockers available I have compiled a list of UK and USA websites to help you find that new family member.

USA Puppy Sites

UK Puppy Sites

Can Cocker Spaniels Be White and Another Colour?

Yes. You will find Cocker Spaniels which have white and a secondary colour. Dog's with this style of coat are far more common than ones with solid white. You can even find white Cockers with a secondary colour and tan markings. These guys are called tri-colour Cockers.

The main parti colours with white are:

  • Black and white Cocker
  • Brown and white Cocker
  • Chocolate and white Cocker
  • Lemon and white Cocker
  • Orange and white Cocker

Do White Cocker Spaniels have any Health Problems?

A white Cocker Spaniel can be as healthy as any other Cocker. This breed has been known to be prone to a number of health issues more than other breeds. The main conditions to look out for are related to their ears with ear infections, joints with conditions such as hip dysplasia, or eyes with a wide range of possible afflictions such as cataracts.

Many of these conditions can be avoided with a lot of care and by taking the time to effectively vet the breeder on the pup's parents to ensure no hereditary conditions are being passed along.

Do White Cocker Spaniels Shed?

Yes. If you have a lovely white Cocker Spaniel you can expect a fairly consistent level of shedding all year round.

Ensuring you take good care of your dog's coat will help ensure that you don't have dog hair all over your clothes and sofa, or can at least reduce the amount it happens. Having your dog professionally groomed on a regular basis will also go a long way here.

Are White Cocker Spaniels Smart?

As a breed, Cocker Spaniels are well known for being intelligent dogs. A canine psychologist named Stanley Coren conducted research to uncover how smart specific breeds of dogs were and English Cocker Spaniels came 20th, while their American counterparts took a very respectable 23rd.

The keen intellect of this sporting dog also lends itself particularly well to training. Getting a new white Cocker Spaniel puppy house trained is a breeze.

Are White Cocker Spaniels Friendly?

Ask anyone to describe a Cocker Spaniel in a sentence and I can guarantee that at least 80% of them will talk about their affectionate natures. A Cocker Spaniel is a very loving dog, ad those with white hair are no exception to this statement.

This incredible temperament and amenable nature are some of the most attractive traits that dog owners love about this breed.

It is also what makes this dog a brilliant family pet.

The only thing that is work mentioning here is that solid colours on a Cocker Spaniel can increase the odds of the Cocker Rage appearing or aggressive behaviours when measured against other dogs with parti colouring or roan coats.

Checking for any history of the condition in the dog's parent's medical history can greatly reduce the risk. Most Cocker Spaniels who fit these criteria do end up being very kind animals who never show any aggression.

How Long Do White Cocker Spaniels Live?

White Cocker Spaniels have the same life expectancy as other dogs in this breed.

Generally, this is between 10 and 14 years depending on a few factors. These include if you have an American Cocker Spaniel or an English one, how good their diet is, how much exercise they get, and how regularly you take the dog to the vet to ensure any health issues are promptly identified and dealt with.


And there you have it everyone, the beautiful white Cocker Spaniel. A rarely seen and highly sought-after family dog.

You do find this type of coat on both an English Cocker Spaniel and their American cousins. It is equally as uncommon though. This means that if you are keen on a Cocker with white fur it may take some effort to find one.

Anyway, best of luck if you are looking for one. Cocker Spaniels make brilliant pets, no matter the coat colour.

If you are interested in finding out how many colour options are possible why not check out our full breakdown on Cocker Spaniel coat colours.

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